12 March 2011

feeling better.

Feeling a lot better after my rant... and dying my hair red.
In the daylight it looks almost orange. I'm thinking I might run a dark rinse through it to make it a little darker. I went into town after I did it, and some people gave me funny looks, but everyone that I spoke too liked it.

I also bought some TOYS! Who said toys were for kids... and anyway, why are the "action figures" in the toy department anyway????
Sam Flynn and Clu action figures from Tron: Legacy... and do you want to hear the best part? They were $8 each from Kmart.... ONLY $8.... and they SPEAK... as in..... JEFF BRIDGES' voice! *swoon*

I also sent the evening listening to TWO STEPS FROM HELL (they are composers who create music for movie trailers) and making POLYVORE SETS.

That last one took forever to do. I had to find images that had the words in them so I could "cut" them out. But it turned out well.

So after my rant I feel a lot better. Off to watch a MOVIE with my father.


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