28 March 2011


I resigned from Blockbuster. I'm not on the roster anymore. I actually did it.
I went in this morning, before the store had opened and spoke to the Boss, I asked him if he needed a letter, and he said yes. He didn't seem that surprised. I had a little cry in the car afterward, but I would rather not be working there than working there. When I dropped my letter off after work at Target, Boss had already done the roster and I wasn't on it. It was kinda sad, because when I talked to him in the morning, I said I was available to work the next fortnight.
I feel sad, but also relieved to be out of there. I'm going to miss working with everyone, and I'm going to miss working there... sometimes. Last night was my last shift, and it was pretty much one of the worst shifts I'd ever done. Every customer complained. Every customer asked me stupid questions... customers are stupid. But when I had finished counting out the money and turned off the lights, I stood in the dark store for a minute and said goodbye (for good this time) I had every intention of resigning today, and instead of it just being talk... I actually did it. I'm actually proud of myself for doing it. And it's not like I'll never see any of them again, it's still my video store. But I did have to pay full price for my DVDs :( and I don't get previews anymore... and I won't be able to steal a Tron:Legacy poster... I'll have to ask Nigel nicely.

We start moving tomorrow. House settlement is set for 11am. Then the house is ours, so stay tuned for photos of empty house. Like I've said many times before, it's very scary and exciting. It's a big change, but this change is good. I realised last night as I was lying wide awake in bed that it's been about 5 months since Mum moved out. 5 months, it's gone so quickly I hadn't really noticed, is that bad? I really miss having her around. I miss the times I get upset at night and get my sister Alex to go get her for me. I miss that, I don't miss the midnight panic attacks, just the comfort, I miss knowing that she's right upstairs when I need her.

Anyway, that's my emotional mini rant/ramble for tonight. Tomorrow is the start of a new era for me. SCARY!


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