09 March 2011

I Love Mail!

I had TWO parcels in the mail for me this morning. I've been waiting for them for ages. The first parcel I opened was from Thinkgeek.com and contained....
A tribble. A very soft, affectionate tribble. He purrs, and coos... it's so cute, but remind me to turn him off tonight so I don't get freaked out by the random noises it makes.
Geek sheets

and awesome geek bed sheets. Disappointed that they only came in twin size and not double, but I'll get over it, may buy a twin bed.... could I survive in a twin bed??? I don't think so. I'm sure I'll find something awesome to do with the sheets. I can hear Emma screaming "show me the sheets! I need to see the awesomeness of the sheets!" but I thought about that, so here is a pretty picture of what the sheets actually have on them...
Awesome, right?

OK, onwards with the story. Parcel number TWO was smaller, I knew what was in it, but it was still exciting...
New (old) camera
GERARD. plus 3 packets of 126 film. I've already taken 2 photos (one of PC and the other of Cous Cous (the cats)) but I won't know how they look until I can find somewhere to get the film processed. I'm sure if it comes to it, I can just send them away to get processed. If anyone has any old cameras they want to send me I'll be happy to have them :D

Anyway, that was the extent of my mail.

I went to work this morning, which was a really bad idea, because I hurt my back on Saturday, and it's even worse now. I had a heat pack on it all day yesterday, but didn't have it today and now my back is killing me. AND DO YOU KNOW THE WORST PART!? It hurts the most when I lay down :( So sleeping has been a bitch. Not looking forward to work tomorrow or on Friday.

In other news, took the last little kitten to the RSPCA today, Alex was really sad, and I was a little sad, but we know we can't keep her. Now she'll have a really nice home somewhere else.



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