05 March 2011


The bank finally approved Dads' loan. We are finally moving, for real this time... and it scares the shit out of me. But I'm so over this house, I want to start NEW. I might even go crazy and cut and dye my hair, and start looking after myself a little better.

We have had 2 kittens staying with us. My friend Patricia found them in the bush around her house. They were covered in ticks and fleas and not very happy little kitties. We took them to the vet to ask what we could do to help and she gave us some shampoo and some "flea goo" We had to bathe them, and for anyone that knows anything about cats, it's very hard, even if they're tiny little kittens. But they are so much happier now. They eating on there own, using kitty litter and being very playful. They also like to sleep. It's so cute.
I have someone coming to have a look at them today. I would love to keep them, but our cats are going to be under enough stress moving house, let alone having to deal with 2 new kittens (plus dad doesn't want to keep them) I hope that she takes both of them, I don't want them to be separated. We will see. My little sister (whose in Perth) will be upset, because I promised her they would be here when she got home, but if I can find them a new home, and not have to take them to the RSPCA it would be great. So Alex, if you're reading this, I'm sorry if they get taken, but I would rather see them go to a nice home, then the RSPCA.

I will keep you updated.


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