12 March 2011

my thoughts on the world

so there was an earthquake in Japan, that resulted in a tsunami that pretty much destroyed the coast of Japan. The death toll is like 50 at the moment, but it is going to be a lot higher. The earthquake didn't cause much damage (unlike the Christchurch earthquake) but the Tsunami, that's another story. People are saying the world is coming to an end... all I can say is.... GET BACK UNDER YOUR ROCKS AND GET OVER IT. THE WORLD IS NOT COMING TO A END. EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS, TSUNAMIS HAPPEN ALL THE TIME, BUT THE MEDIA AND INTERNET MAKES IT SO EASY FOR NEWS TO SPREAD! Did you hear about the Earthquake that was in China the day before the Japanese one??? Not much news on that one! over 200,000 homes destroyed and over 50 people dead... but you didn't hear about it did you??? because it happened in an area of China were the government have a media blackout! WHAT ABOUT THE FACT THAT QUEENSLAND IN AUSTRALIA IS FLOODING AGAIN?? Most people outside of Australia don't know that.... and did you know that when QUEENSLAND flooded earlier this year, WESTERN AUSTRALIA was flooding too? I had to go to work with signs that said "Donate to Queensland" while my own state was flooding! I had to be the one that had to deal with the angry customers, who knew people who lost their homes.... why didn't we raise money for WA?

It makes me sick that people are taking advantage of the situation for their own gain. SERIOUSLY THE HUMAN RACE MAKES ME SICK SOMETIMES! I donate my $20, for WA floods, QLD floods, Christchurch, and then Japan. I'm happy too, it's all I can really afford to, but it will help... every little bit does. But people who set up fake charities to collect money, or even random trolls on the internet that make up untrue news stories. The PEOPLE (yes, they're people too) in Japan, have lost their homes, their jobs, THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS!!! THEIR FUCKING LIVES! and all you care about is how much attention it will get you one the internet, or how much money you can steal of hardworking people, who just want to help. DON'T DONATE TO ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW, DO NOT GIVE MONEY WHO KNOCK AT YOUR DOOR, EVEN IF THEY HAVE RECEIPTS! JUST DON'T, if you want to donate, go into a bank that has a fund setup, go onto the website of the Red Cross, Salvos etc.

I read a post on tumblr. it was an anon message to a girl I follow, ridiculing her for not caring enough and how she should pray for the people of japan. The girl replied that she didn't pray, so the anon replied back that if she doesn't pray she'll go to hell.... WHAT THE FUCK! I'm a catholic, I pray every now and then, BUT JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS NOT RELIGIOUS SHOULDN'T MEAN THEY SHOULD GO TO HELL. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINIONS, I DON'T JUDGE. A GIRL AT WORK HAS DECIDED THAT SHE IS GOING TO START GOING TO CHURCH AFTER SHE TALKED TO SOMEONE, SHE'S GOING TO BE A MORMON. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THAT.... MOST OF MY FRIENDS ARE ATHEISTS. I try not to judge. I don't want to be judged, but I know I am. DON'T JUDGE ME, I WON'T JUDGE YOU!


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  1. I also think people are saying the world is coming to an end because more of these events are happening to rich countries. Plenty of disasters are going on all the time in poor countries who don't get the same media attention.
    Having said that, the disasters we've seen are truly terrible. Floods, cyclones and quakes etc. My point is simply that disasters equally as terrible are going on all the time in poor places and we simply aren't as aware of them.