29 March 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

I've decided to get involved in 30 Days of Lists. It's really just a 30 Days meme, but the idea is to write lists about the subjects. I'm going to try and do the lists by hand and scan them and post them onto the internet. I paid my $3 for the formatted lists, which make it really easy to do the meme. I'm excited, but I think I'm going to wait until I'm settled in my new home before I start.

I was also contacted by Girl Meets iPad and asked if I wanted to be interviewed about my iPad habits. My interview is due to be published on the blog on March 30th EST (American time) but I will let everyone know when it's live, so you can all check it out.

I'm trying to get involved with more websites and blogs, it's really just shameless self promotion, but there is nothing wrong with that, but I think I should give back, so if you're a follower of my blog I will advertise your blog for FREE, all you need to do is send me a button, or post a link to buttons you already have and I'll add it to my Links page.

now all I need is someone to create some buttons for me.


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