14 March 2011

So I have to change my hair colour. It needs to be more "natural" and I'm upset about it. I REALLY LOVE THIS COLOUR, but if I want to go back to work I'll have to change it. I didn't cry at work about it, and I haven't cried about it yet, but I might. I'm upset and angry, but part of me knew that there would be a chance that I would have to change it, and I'm already kind of over the looks I got. They're not bad looks, but they're different. I bought a 8 wash natural brown to run through my hair and hopefully that will tone it town... but I'm thinking it might just be easier to just get a permanent darker red colour. I don't want to run the brown through and make it look like shit.


I tried to be myself. I tried to stop worrying about what others thought, I finally decided to stop fucking caring, and now I'm back to the beginning, it was thrown back in my face.


Whatever. I might just buy some black hair dye and go back to being a depressed little girl in a happy smiling mask. That's what they seem to want.



  1. but its so purdy y u gotta change it

  2. because my place of work in intolerant. but i really shouldn't be saying that online, because knowing them they are probably reading everything i write.
    I was trying to live outside my comfort zone, i was trying to live, but that failed epically. I don't see why red hair can affect anything. I'm not hurting anyone. I don't know why I'm upset about it. I just feel like everything i do, i get criticised for at that place, i really dont think the manager likes me very much. there was another girl at work and she had a purple tinge thru her hair and she never got asked to change it. and PURPLE doesn't even appear naturally.
    I might just dye it black and just move on. never try to do anything awesome again. I'll just line up and fucking conform.

  3. Theres a lady who works in the Coles closest to me with BRITE pink hair. shes had it for at least 4-5 years and she's middle aged. and im mean its the britest color pink EVER! so i cnt c why u arnt allwd red
    what a stupid rule


    people honestly suck sometimes. it's just hair colour. like, get over it. pbft.