25 March 2011

this week

had Vertigo (feeling better now, but still a little busy)

bought The Sims Medieval - it's so freaking awesome!

Found a dead pixel on my mac screen. rang Apple, they sent a techie to have a look, Techie just happened to be the girl who was my BESTEST friend in Primary School, who I haven't seen in about 10 years (it was pretty awkward) anyway long story short, Apple won't do anything about dead pixel, because there is only one :( it's right in the middle of the screen, but it is unnoticable unless you look really hard.

Got to go and have a look at our new house. Settlement is Noon on Tuesday. Quite excited. Had a look in the wardrobe in my room, and they're pretty awesome, there's drawers in them, and lots of space, so I'll be able to hide a lot of stuff. I have claimed the master bedroom, hopefully dad is okay with that (he said I could have it a couple of weeks ago) The room is a lot smaller than I imagined it, like it always is... but we all feel really comfortable in the house. It needs some work, but no where as much work at this house (the old one) does.

Bought some awesome military style jewellery from Diva (photo below) and also, FINALLY, found a Military jacket in my size, from Best and Less for only $30.

I downloaded the song "I See The Light" from the Tangled soundtrack, just so I can listen to Zachary Levi (Chuck from "Chuck") sing :)

I also got a new WRECK THIS JOURNAL!
I haven't started it yet. My last one is pretty "wrecked". But I think I'm going to wait until I've moved into the new house before I start it.

That's pretty much my week. Full of ups and downs. Next week is going to be very hectic and emotional. Next week we move house. THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER MOVED HOUSE EVER! I'm going to try and do a video blog for it or something. I'm going to be without internet at the new house from April 1st until whenever. So from April 1st it will pretty much be just Twitter from me.

How did everyone elses week go?
Let me know in the comments :)



  1. i really like your bracelets! especially the ribbon one :D xxx

  2. Ah, I really wish we had a Best & Less local, they often have great stuff, I love the Lily & Lou brand!

    I want The Sims Medieval, I need to save my money!

    Hope your vertigo continues to make progress, I had it a few years back & it was mighty annoying!