22 March 2011

Vertigo & Doctor Who

At 11am today I suddenly felt really dizzy. You know the feeling you get when you get out of bed too fast or stand up too fast? But I was just sitting at my desk at work, doing my work... And BAM! And it didn't go away. I made a doctors appointment, but let me get this straight, I'm not one of those people that goes to the doctor every time they feel even the slightest bit sick... Like my lovely and beautiful friend Tahlia :). And long story short, I have Vertigo. Not the movie Vertigo, but the actual diagnosed medical condition... And it hasn't gone away yet. Even now, at almost 7pm I'm still feeling dizzy. If I sit and do nothing I'm fine, as soon as I start moving... I'm done for, it feels like I'm walking around on a boat that's in the middle of a storm. Seriously, I don't even get motion sickness normally, how have I managed to get it without even being in motion??
Anyway, my doctor perscriped me some anti nausea tablets, that have helped a little, but I'm worried about work tomorrow morning. I really hope it's gone by tomorrow. I was rostered to work at Blockbuster tonight, but am lucky enough to work with some awesome people who are willing to help.

Michael Sheen is going to be in the episode of Doctor Who written by Neil Gaiman. How fucking awesome is that? One of my favourite actors, in an episode of my favourite show written by my favourite writer.
Michael Sheen Pictures, Images and Photos
Fucking Michael Sheen. Seriously excited. He is one of the best actors, he can play action, comedy, thriller... In the movie I watched last night (Unthinkable) he spend 90% of the film being tortured!! It was brutal, but it was a good movie.

Neil Gaiman is epic... Doctor Who... Oh my fucking god, I'm just so excited.



  1. dear dr who,
    huwwy up and come on tv again pwease, wuv emma!

    Would you reccomend Unthinkable to get to watch?

    Also I had vertigo a month or so ago I was crook for a week on tablets before it went away but mine came and went didnt just hang around but its horrible.. i feel your pain!!!

  2. I really hope it doesn't hang around, I'm working every day until next wednesday, and we start moving house next Tuesday. How come you're always sick when you've got shit to do.
    I do recommend Unthinkable, but it's very violent, and brutal, but the ides behind it are good, and it really brings to light the morals behind the treatment of terrorist and american citizens. And there is nothing wrong with seeing Michael Sheen half naked for half the movie. He really did such an amazing job with that character.