05 March 2011

WARNING - Whole post is EMO RANT/SAD. You don't have to read.

I'm so fucking depressed. Stupid packing. I packed 5 boxes and you can't even fucking tell. Why am I such a superficial hoarder of shit. Most of it isn't even important... it's just stuff, that I can't even manage to throw away. I need some serious help. Who wants to come over and throw out half the shit in my room???? And how the fuck am I going to move into a tiny room. My mind is making it seem bigger than it actually is. I remember a bed and a TV and the grab between being tiny, not enough space for my fat arse to get through. And the boxes just keep piling up in my room. There is seriously 20 of them now. But there is no where else for them to go, because the whole house is full. I NEED TO BE BRUTAL!

Also depressed about studying. Because I'm such a lazy bitch. Seriously, how hard is it to actually open the file with the information and read? or write a little information about a photo? It's just all a bit more involved than I was expecting. :(

I REALLY HATE PACKING. plus I have kitty litter in my eye, and I'm tired. BAH!


I wish I had fire for hair.


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