30 April 2011

What have I been doing...

 ... over the last couple of weeks?
  • starting 100s of posts and getting so annoyed with not thinking about anything to write, i'd delete them.
  • listening to Beethoven. technically just one in particular... Symphony No. 7
  • being incredibly bored with every aspect of my life. the movies i watch, the music i listen to, the people that i call friends that i avoid like they have the plague.
  • going to the State Library book sale and getting a copy of I Am Spock by Leonard Nimoy for $3!
  • Started reading Game Of Thrones. The tv series is beyond epic. It's love.
  • Buying a map of New Zealand and pinning it up and sticking pins in it where Alex and I want to go when we head there next year.
  • I've been having dreams about the new owners of our house (I need to stop calling it "our house") bulldozing it, or completely changing it. They already have changed it a bit :( It's still a raw subject.
That's it. I'm sure there is more. I apologise for my complete lack of interest etc.


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