28 May 2011

"I so should blog about that"

It's been awhile. I always seem to be saying that recently. I guess, honestly, I've just come to a point were I'm just not excited to be blogging, and the stuff that I really want to say, probably shouldn't be plastered all over the internet for everyone to read. I'm uninspired and boring :)

But in saying that, I had freak moments of true inspiration and awesomeness, and even think to myself "I so should blog about that" but forget almost as suddenly as the inspiration came in the first place.

I went and saw Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was awesome. I loved it. But no matter how awesome it is, my favourite POTC character is still Lord Cutler Beckett (yeah I know, I have a thing for the bad guys)

I've also upgraded my iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4. I haven't received my new phone yet, but I'm hoping that it will show up next week sometime.

I'm saving up to go to New Zealand. We (as in Alex & I) have almost got the road trip part organised, and let me say, the map on my wall is full of pins.

SUPANOVA is soon. EXCITED about meeting Tom Felton and James Marsters, not excited about all the people.

Don't really have much to say.

feel free to ask me questions :)

Here's some more images of Cutler Beckett :)

You know you love me :)

17 May 2011

Free Advertising - Creations By Josh

everyone needs to check out Creations By Josh. A blog that posts art by 10 year old Josh. It's awesome, so I'm promoting it :)
Ask and I'll promote your blog too :)


Eurovision Thoughts.

Nina (Serbia) singing Caroban. The song was poppy and cute (not sure what she was saying because it was in Serbian) LOVE LOVE LOVED the costumes. 60s style, bright and cheery... AWESOME (she should of won!)

Paradise Oskar from Finland (the fact he's from Finland, I automatically wanted him to win, without even know anything about him or the song etc.) singing Da Da Dam (which was awesome and cute and full of all kinds of sweet innocent loves) and just look how cute he is!!!!

Jedward (Ireland) how can you not love identical twins from Ireland with sky high hair and singing glam rock pop songs??!! And there actually names are completely worth all my love.... John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes... yet I'm serious :) read them outloud... it's so much fun.

Eurovision really came at a good time. Considering my last post was about how bored I was of my music... Now I have more to love... Also thanks to everyone who recommended music to me. I'm now playing the new Adele album constantly. Looking forward to checking out some of the other musicians recommended.

12 May 2011


 It's been awhile since I did one of these. Warning. This one is pretty full on. I've just read through it, and it's pretty much about how sad I am. But it's not really that bad... sometimes it just seems like it. :)

Listening... new Panic! at the Disco album. I'm becoming bored with my music. I need new music, but I don't have the internet speed to go onto YouTube or wherever and look for it :( plus I don't really know what sort of music that I want to listen to. I'm over whingy depressing "woah is me!" rock. I have enough problems of my own, I don't need to hear about someone elses... I don't want to listen to love songs, because I'm so close to giving up on love its not funny.... Maybe silence is better... the problem with silence, if I can hear myself thinking and then I feel depressed... stupid fucking brain.


Reading... Game of Thrones (it's been made into a tv series that I LOVE!) and Don't Panic a biography about Douglas Adams written by Neil Gaiman

Watching... Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Glee (as they are released) also Drew Barrymore movies for some reason... not sure why, it just seemed to happen that way.

Buying... nothing, because I only work 22 hours a week, and it only just covers all my bills etc. But I'm happy with my current work situation because it's no longer random. I work the same times, the same days of the week, with no changing, or random shifts... Plus I don't work nights (except for Thursday at Target) and I don't work weekends.

Wanting... not to feel like shit all the time

Trying... walk everyday. I'm doing well. Only missed 2 days so far in May. It's nice living in a flat area. Plus I'm in training to climb Bluff Knoll (which is the tallest mountain around here... maybe the tallest mountain in WA) We're (as in the family) are going to climb Castle Rock first.

Loving... not much. I talked to my counsellor about my sheer lack of interest in anything. She said it's very common. Something is blocking me and making it hard for me to be interested in things, and think about things other than what is causing the block... (it's my parents by the way... they're the block) but now I have to figure out what it is about them, and unblock it. but it saying that. I'm enjoying Game of Throne and the new Doctor Who.

Planning... my 25th birthday (yes I know it isn't until November) and also mine and Alexs' trip to New Zealand next year. That's pretty much where all the remaining money I earn, after I pay my bills, is going.

Writing... fan fiction. Aro/OC (and yes, you heard me right... I'm writing Twilight fan fiction)

Inspired by... People who aren't afraid to be on their own. My mother, who has lost over 25kgs.

10 May 2011


new zealand.

tardis bag. need it now

adventure fund.

new zealand.

tom felton - in perth in JUNE. so fucking excited.

02 May 2011

Lee Pace in The Hobbit

Mr Lee Pace aka The Pie Maker in quirky tv series Pushing Daisies has been cast as Elf King Thranduil in Peter Jacksons' The Hobbit. The role of Thranduil was rumoured to be played by David Tennant, but according to various news articles Lee Pace was first choice for the role. It's going to be very strange seeing Lee as Thranduil, because, being a Mirkwood elf, he will have long blonde hair, similar to his son Legolas. Yep Lee Pace is playing Legolas' father. Lee is perfect for the role, he's very tall and slender, but can he do a serious role? People are raving about his performance in The Fall, and according to the trailer it looks amazing, but its not available in Australia, and I don't have enough downloads to download it.
Lee Pace
I am so excited about The Hobbit, but I haven't read too much about it, because the more I know the more I'll want to see it. I really like the way Peter Jackson is casting "relatively" unknown people, not huge Hollywood superstars, and I'm excited about some of the older cast members having cameos. But since it's not out until 2012, I'm not reading too much about it just yet.