12 May 2011


 It's been awhile since I did one of these. Warning. This one is pretty full on. I've just read through it, and it's pretty much about how sad I am. But it's not really that bad... sometimes it just seems like it. :)

Listening... new Panic! at the Disco album. I'm becoming bored with my music. I need new music, but I don't have the internet speed to go onto YouTube or wherever and look for it :( plus I don't really know what sort of music that I want to listen to. I'm over whingy depressing "woah is me!" rock. I have enough problems of my own, I don't need to hear about someone elses... I don't want to listen to love songs, because I'm so close to giving up on love its not funny.... Maybe silence is better... the problem with silence, if I can hear myself thinking and then I feel depressed... stupid fucking brain.


Reading... Game of Thrones (it's been made into a tv series that I LOVE!) and Don't Panic a biography about Douglas Adams written by Neil Gaiman

Watching... Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Glee (as they are released) also Drew Barrymore movies for some reason... not sure why, it just seemed to happen that way.

Buying... nothing, because I only work 22 hours a week, and it only just covers all my bills etc. But I'm happy with my current work situation because it's no longer random. I work the same times, the same days of the week, with no changing, or random shifts... Plus I don't work nights (except for Thursday at Target) and I don't work weekends.

Wanting... not to feel like shit all the time

Trying... walk everyday. I'm doing well. Only missed 2 days so far in May. It's nice living in a flat area. Plus I'm in training to climb Bluff Knoll (which is the tallest mountain around here... maybe the tallest mountain in WA) We're (as in the family) are going to climb Castle Rock first.

Loving... not much. I talked to my counsellor about my sheer lack of interest in anything. She said it's very common. Something is blocking me and making it hard for me to be interested in things, and think about things other than what is causing the block... (it's my parents by the way... they're the block) but now I have to figure out what it is about them, and unblock it. but it saying that. I'm enjoying Game of Throne and the new Doctor Who.

Planning... my 25th birthday (yes I know it isn't until November) and also mine and Alexs' trip to New Zealand next year. That's pretty much where all the remaining money I earn, after I pay my bills, is going.

Writing... fan fiction. Aro/OC (and yes, you heard me right... I'm writing Twilight fan fiction)

Inspired by... People who aren't afraid to be on their own. My mother, who has lost over 25kgs.


  1. Music...off the top of my head....Gogel Bordello, Oh Land, Royksopp, Weezer, Mindless Self Indulgence...B.A. Johnson's always good for a chuckle...I wanted to look through my collection, but my external hard drive is being annoying...:P

  2. Ahmm.. music? ok O_o Imelda May, Adele, Florence and the machine, Sigurd Rós, Jónsi, Vinila Von Bismark and the lucky dados, Kiss, The scorpions, AC/DC,soundtracks (series and movies like... robin hood or Doctor Who?) the Ting Tings, Mika, Daft Punk...

    Game of Thrones..."Boromir" :D____ yummy!!!

    All of us enjoy with the Doc ;)

    And don't worry about your lack of interest in anything. Everybody has passed this phase in our live :) I'm pretty sure is just another phase :) I'm very sure you're stronger than you think :)

  3. For example... Florrie!! ;)



  4. Hmmm...my earlier comment must have been lost in cyber space when Blogger went kaput. :P

    So, music! I love Gogel Bordello, Weezer, Oh Land, Royksopp, The Knife, La Roux, Bif Naked, Johnny Cash...B. A. Johnston is good for a chuckle...and I know there's more, but there's something wrong with my external hard drive, and the music folders won't open. I really, really, really hope it's not all lost, 'cause there was a lot. :(