17 May 2011

Eurovision Thoughts.

Nina (Serbia) singing Caroban. The song was poppy and cute (not sure what she was saying because it was in Serbian) LOVE LOVE LOVED the costumes. 60s style, bright and cheery... AWESOME (she should of won!)

Paradise Oskar from Finland (the fact he's from Finland, I automatically wanted him to win, without even know anything about him or the song etc.) singing Da Da Dam (which was awesome and cute and full of all kinds of sweet innocent loves) and just look how cute he is!!!!

Jedward (Ireland) how can you not love identical twins from Ireland with sky high hair and singing glam rock pop songs??!! And there actually names are completely worth all my love.... John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes... yet I'm serious :) read them outloud... it's so much fun.

Eurovision really came at a good time. Considering my last post was about how bored I was of my music... Now I have more to love... Also thanks to everyone who recommended music to me. I'm now playing the new Adele album constantly. Looking forward to checking out some of the other musicians recommended.


  1. Did not know that you guys got that over there!!! It was pretty awesome this year though!! Im totally in love with Jedward, ha, they're so adorable, did Ireland proud.

  2. Australia is huge when it comes to eurovision. we even send our own commentators :)
    I've been rewatching some and I'm found some more that I love. Hotel FM from Romania, and Raphael Gulazzi from Italy :)

  3. thank goodness someone agrees about Nina! SHE SHOULD HAVE WON!!! :(
    she's singing about her magical man and how he makes her happy and everything feel okay, a shoulder to cry on blah blah blah, a very cute song. and i am actually on the hunt for a pattern to make a dress like hers because the costumes were to die for!