28 May 2011

"I so should blog about that"

It's been awhile. I always seem to be saying that recently. I guess, honestly, I've just come to a point were I'm just not excited to be blogging, and the stuff that I really want to say, probably shouldn't be plastered all over the internet for everyone to read. I'm uninspired and boring :)

But in saying that, I had freak moments of true inspiration and awesomeness, and even think to myself "I so should blog about that" but forget almost as suddenly as the inspiration came in the first place.

I went and saw Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was awesome. I loved it. But no matter how awesome it is, my favourite POTC character is still Lord Cutler Beckett (yeah I know, I have a thing for the bad guys)

I've also upgraded my iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4. I haven't received my new phone yet, but I'm hoping that it will show up next week sometime.

I'm saving up to go to New Zealand. We (as in Alex & I) have almost got the road trip part organised, and let me say, the map on my wall is full of pins.

SUPANOVA is soon. EXCITED about meeting Tom Felton and James Marsters, not excited about all the people.

Don't really have much to say.

feel free to ask me questions :)

Here's some more images of Cutler Beckett :)

You know you love me :)

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