29 June 2011

Don't Panic Issue 01

Today I sent out my first lot of zines. 4 to Perth, 1 to Sydney and 2 to North America (Hawaii & Canada) There was 33 copies in the first print and I hand numbered them to make them special. I have a few left, so let me know if you would like a copy.

Supanova Was FUCKING Awesome!

Favourite Cospays: Darth Vader & The Stormtroopers (next year I will work up the guts to have a photo with them. All the Doctors wearing Fezs' (is that how you write it???) The girl in front of us in the line dressed as Big Daddy from Bioshock. Wally (I found him! he was sitting in front of me during the Sean Maher seminar)

Favourite Moments: Tom Felton walking past while we were standing inline for photos with him and saying "morning ladies" (we fangirled all over the place), Seeing Gareth David-Lloyd standing on the balcony watching all the happenings below. Amy Acker waving at me from the balcony. Meeting Tom Felton (photo & autograph) and him telling me the story of his ex-girlfriend Melissa, and how he used to spell her name wrong, and will now never forget how to spell it. Meeting James Marsters and him being more awesome then I can even imagine. Meeting GDL. PHOTOS WITH TOM FELTON & JAMES MARSTERS, Autographs from Tom, James, GDL and author Alison Goodman.

Purchases: 2 tin robots, 7 Futurama Blind Boxes (only ended up with 2 doubles), 10th Doctor artwork by Stewart McKenny (StewART) (signed by him), plushie Orc & Werewolf, Spike action figure. I also have so many business cards in the bottom of my bag it's not funny. 3 Autographs & 2 Photos (On my own with James Marsters, with Kaitlin with Tom Felton)

Favourite Thing From a Seminar: James Marsters' telling us that he bit John Barrowman during "that" scene in Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang (Torchwood), and that JMs' wife "directed" the kiss, so they had to do lots of takes... (I think James Marsters married a girl just like us) James Marsters' doing Shakespere. GDLs' aussie accent and him saying how awful it is to kiss John Barrowman. Sean Maher talking about wedgies during his time dressed in Lycra for Warehouse 13. So much more. I recorded audio of James Marsters' seminar, so I'll have to replay it.

Dissapointments: Missing out on Tom Felton seminar because the line was full :( Gareth David-Lloyds' lack of full on Welsh Accent :( Not taking more photos or cosplay/celebs/random crap, not having a good camera to take said photos.

Unexpected Surprises: The stupid weather on Friday night. It was crazy and super stressful. Going to Supanova on Friday Night is the best idea ever. We didn't have to line up to get inside, and we stood in line for about 30 minutes for tickets from photos and autographs. Then on Saturday, we had all the photos and autographs done and finished with 2 hours, so we were free to look at all the stalls. Also loved how much more organised Supanova are this year. All the lines marked out, having specific times for photos etc. WELL DONE SUPANOVA!!!

22 June 2011

Don't Panic issue ONE Available NOW!

what does Tank have?
Why that's issue one of Don't Panic, the awesome new zine by the creator of The Princess & The Geek :D
Would you like a copy. It's FREE, I'll even pay for postage. What a wonderful excuse to get mail!
Simply email you address to me at lyssie.wyssie(at)gmail.com and I'll gladly send one out to you. I'm so excited, that I might even make Issue TWO... or is it too soon? I might wait until after Supanova.

21 June 2011

I Got My Haircut

It's really really really short. I'm not sure if I like it yet. I will have to dye it, because the ends are red and the roots are brown, and half of my hair is red, and half isn't. Might do that tonight.

Sad news :( Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident. Most of my readers won't know, or care, but Ryan Dunn was a member of Jackass and CKY. He was my favourite. It's really sad :(

Also I found this image with I love, and it makes me feel a little better.
And of course a post wouldn't be complete without a photo of a hot man... and even better, a gif!!!
okay, so that hot man has slightly creepy... what am I saying? Nightmare inducing facial expressions, but we love him.... how about some boys love? :)
These two are the best bromance ever! NO CONTEST!!

I have some epic posts planned. Posts that aren't posted willy nilly, ones that actually need planning and organisation. I bet you're all excited. They probably won't be posted until next week. I'm off to Supanova this weekend to fangirl over James Marsters and Tom Felton etc. I will try to post heaps of pics over the weekend, and be on Twitter as much as I can.


20 June 2011

Happy Birthday EMMA!

Head over to Cupcake With New Sprinkles. It's her BIRTHDAY!
You should all comment and tell her to start blogging again or I'll get very cross :)

I hope boy made you yummy cake!

What I'm Reading & Singing

Started Mud, Sweat And Tears by Bear Grylls last night (even though I have 100 books on the go at the moment. I honestly don't remember the last time I finished a book!) So far it's good, just introduction and family history etc. I was skimming the book and read the chapters where he was in a parachute accident and broke his back. Poor Bear :( but look at him now.

I watched the episode of Criminal Minds with Gavin Rossdale in it (Gavin is a singer who was in Bush and is now married to Gwen Stefani) so I decided to download some of his music. I didn't download Bush, because my friends in Highschool used to listen to it, and it reminds me of how much I hated Highschool, so I downloaded Gavins' solo album Wanderlust. I'm in love with Love Remains The Same (you can watch the music video below)
I haven't really listened to the rest of the album. I get stuck on one song and play it until I hate it, and then move on. I've been downloading lots from iTunes & App Store and haven't been looking at my bank account :O I really should stop :)

I've changed the layout of my blog... AGAIN! I hope you like.

Free Advertising - Zombies Wearing Helmets

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Are you wearing a helmet?
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19 June 2011

David Tennant in Fright Night

David Tennant... wearing eyeliner.... and not having a shirt on :)

Here's the trailer for Fright Night. I can't wait to see this movie :)

17 June 2011

Epic Post Of Epicness

I haven't post in awhile. I've started a few posts, but never clicked the "Publish Post" button, it's actually become quite a scary little button. I have been thinking a lot harder about the things I post. I don't know who reads my blog. I don't know if anyone out there is collecting information about me off my blog. Yes, it seems I've become quite paranoid... I blame my counsellor. But long and sad/depressing story short... I was in the process of backing up my blog... and deleting it. I know, scary. But then... on the actual night I planned on going home after work and actually completing my dastardly plans... I had someone come up to me... a customer, and asked me if I wrote "The Princess & The Geek" OMFG! How awesome is that? (*waves* Hi! by the way). I thought the whole idea of someone from MY TOWN actually reading my blog, the worst thing ever... I know for a fact that I have 2 local readers (and one of them is my sister, and the other is a friend) so having a seemingly random person (I mean that in a nice way!) is reading my blog.... is freaking awesome... so awesome, it needs to be added to the next volume of "The Book Of Awesome" by Neil Pasricha (see fig. below)
So... I decided not to delete my blog. All 3 and a half years of it. All 1101 posts. When the lovely customer left (who actually works with my aforementioned friend) left, my supervisor came over (who had heard the whole, rather awkward conversion) and asked "What's a blog?" I told her, she wanted to read mine.... I changed the subject :)

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. I got sick, just the flu, but had to fly to Perth... on my own, for work training. There I finally met with my internet/SMS friend Josh, but due to my illness, I was probably the biggest bitch in the whole world, so Josh if you're reading this, I'm sorry for being a vague, untalkative bitch, who spent an hour with you, and then left you to find your own way back to the train station. :(
In Perth, even though I was sick, I did what I do best... Spend MONEY!
Nintendo DS & iPod in top corner are MINE... well everything is mine, but I owned them before the spending spree. I'm actually glad I was sick, because if I was well, I would of actually been bothered to shop and would of spent a lot more money.
I also got "re-obsessed" with Criminal Minds. It was on TV while I was in Perth, even if it was one of the last episodes of series 6, and I haven't finished season 4 yet... who needs "storyline" and "plot" when you've got Dr Spencer Reid aka Matthew Gray Gubler??
I have more... I know you want more :)

with the photographer of the previous photos Terry Richardson
*swoon* I got back from Perth and went straight into Target and purchased Criminal Minds Season 5. I told myself I was going to wait, because $77.00 is too much to spend on a tv series... but, NO, I couldn't do it. WOO! 5% Staff Discount.

In Entertainment news.
This man! Benedict Cumberbatch... The best ever Sherlock Holmes ever (even better than Robert Downey Jr) has finally been confirmed as cast in The Hobbit. He will be doing the voice and motion capture of Smaug the Dragon in part 2, as well as doing the voice of Necromancer in part one... Necromancer for all you non-LOTR fanboys & girls... if Sauron :) EXCITED!

Okay, so this post is pretty epic. I'm going to leave it there. Hopefully it's enough to cure certain peoples withdrawals :P


01 June 2011

A Book Without Pictures :(

I should get my new iPhone 4 tomorrow. I'm very excited. My iPhone 3GS is at the end of it's contract and is moving on... to my little sister... even though my dad said he wanted it, my sister was the first one to ask. iPhone 4 is yet to be named... but I am thinking.

I'm also becoming a jet setter... well kind of. I'm off to Perth next week for training for my work (Albany and Regional Volunteer Service) I'm flying up Wednesday morning and flying home on Thursday night... ALL EXPENSES PAID! How freaking awesome is that. As far as I know the training is on Thursday, but I'm not sure about Wednesday... I may, possibly have the whole day to do whatever I want :) I sense a shopping spree coming on... Who's excited???

okay, so I tried to add an awesome "excited" gif, but my stupid internet hates me... EPIC FAIL!

You can't really post interesting posts without images :) I might get a tattoo while I'm in Perth.... or not, I'm really not sure what I'll do with my spare time.... if I even get any. My boss will probably turn around and tell me I won't get any :( Fingers crossed.