01 June 2011

A Book Without Pictures :(

I should get my new iPhone 4 tomorrow. I'm very excited. My iPhone 3GS is at the end of it's contract and is moving on... to my little sister... even though my dad said he wanted it, my sister was the first one to ask. iPhone 4 is yet to be named... but I am thinking.

I'm also becoming a jet setter... well kind of. I'm off to Perth next week for training for my work (Albany and Regional Volunteer Service) I'm flying up Wednesday morning and flying home on Thursday night... ALL EXPENSES PAID! How freaking awesome is that. As far as I know the training is on Thursday, but I'm not sure about Wednesday... I may, possibly have the whole day to do whatever I want :) I sense a shopping spree coming on... Who's excited???

okay, so I tried to add an awesome "excited" gif, but my stupid internet hates me... EPIC FAIL!

You can't really post interesting posts without images :) I might get a tattoo while I'm in Perth.... or not, I'm really not sure what I'll do with my spare time.... if I even get any. My boss will probably turn around and tell me I won't get any :( Fingers crossed.

1 comment:

  1. who's excited? meeee I love go shopping! the best sport in this live :P

    good luck in Perth and, of course, get the tattoo! tattoo rules! :D