20 June 2011

What I'm Reading & Singing

Started Mud, Sweat And Tears by Bear Grylls last night (even though I have 100 books on the go at the moment. I honestly don't remember the last time I finished a book!) So far it's good, just introduction and family history etc. I was skimming the book and read the chapters where he was in a parachute accident and broke his back. Poor Bear :( but look at him now.

I watched the episode of Criminal Minds with Gavin Rossdale in it (Gavin is a singer who was in Bush and is now married to Gwen Stefani) so I decided to download some of his music. I didn't download Bush, because my friends in Highschool used to listen to it, and it reminds me of how much I hated Highschool, so I downloaded Gavins' solo album Wanderlust. I'm in love with Love Remains The Same (you can watch the music video below)
I haven't really listened to the rest of the album. I get stuck on one song and play it until I hate it, and then move on. I've been downloading lots from iTunes & App Store and haven't been looking at my bank account :O I really should stop :)

I've changed the layout of my blog... AGAIN! I hope you like.

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