19 July 2011

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Review

Harry Potter. I've been having a hard time getting my thoughts into writing, it's writers block I guess, so I'll try my best to tell you what I thought of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

It's the first Harry Potter movie I've seen in the cinema since Goblet Of Fire. I really hate going to movies, that I know are going to be full of teenagers using their mobiles. AHHHHH! PET PEEVE! Anyway, I went all out and got "Bogart" seats, which are the 18+ seats at the back of the cinema, and there is this delightful half wall that blocks off the WHOLE audience... ah BLISS!

I hadn't read the book completely... I sped read the last couple of chapters a week ago, but didn't go into great detail.  So I can't compare the book to the movie. But being a Harry Potter fan (not a scary hard-core one) I did enjoy it.

SPOILERS BELOW (click read more)

BEST BIT? Finally knowing what the fuck Snape was all about. AND OH MY GOD! I knew I loved Snape right from the beginning for a reason.

WORST BIT? Voldemorts death... It was quite anti-climatic. I was disappointed.

DID I CRY? FUCK YEAH! I was fighting back the tears pretty much the whole freaking movie. Firstly, because this was it for Harry Potter, then Fred died, and Lupin & Tonks... and then SNAPE, and Snapes death was so trumatic in itself. If you haven't seen it yet, let me set the scene. Voldemort has just cut Snapes throat and then he's set Nagini (the snake) on Snape... you see it from Harrys' point of view, who is standing outside the boat house, which is made completely of glass, dirty frosted glass... you see the mass of Snape against the glass and hear the strikes of Nagini as she attacks Snape... lets just say... I'm traumatised. Then there where Snapes' flashbacks. He loved Lily Potter so much, and the scene when he's walked into the Potters' house after Voldemort has killed them and he sees Lily dead and just breaks down and cry.... WAAAHHHH! I had to try really hard not to cry loudly, because the cinema was FULL and I was sitting next to one of my "friends" from High School. But when I was driving home I was able to have a good cry. Crying is GOOD!

IT WAS GOOD! I may go and see it again in 3D so I can get some Harry Potter 3D glasses.

It's sad thats it's all over. It's really weird to think that it is. I know it's just a book/movie series, but like so many people it is a part of my life. But at least we can re-read and re-watch as many times as we like :)


  1. I can't wait to see it... but I will have to due to our boycotting the cinema.ARRGGGGGHHHH!!!

  2. why is NIGEL boycotting the cinema? :D