24 August 2011


I want to apoligise for being away :( SORRY!
Someone HACKED my email address that controls this blog! It was the scariest thing ever, all I could do was keep checking my blog and making sure it was still there.
Thanks to Google I was able to add another member to this blog (ie ME :D) and then delete the old one. But that also means that I have lost the list of blogs I'm following :( So if you read my blog and want me to read yours, leave a comment and I'll follow you again :)
The problem now is transferring EVERYTHING that I used my old email with to my new email, which will be a hassle, because most things I have with my old email I already have with my new email too. ie TUMBLR, Polyvore etc. I have 2 accounts, so I can't change the email address :( GAH! Stupid hackers...
So I'm back... but super busy so I don't know how often the posts will be... but I do have some things to say... probably not too exciting... but still. SEE YOU SOON!

07 August 2011

15 Things In My Room!

Spencer the blue dinosaur (and yes that is the Twilight Companion you see on my shelf... I don't know how it got there... but it has pictures of Jackson Rathbone in it :D)

Mushroom cross-stitch I got from my little sisters friend Laura for MY birthday. Yep I'm that awesome that my little sisters' friends give me presents :)

Mario cross-stitch by my sister. She gave it to me for Christmas. I LOVE IT!

Signed photo of my favouritest actor in the whole world. Mr Karl Urban... complete with Type :) "Are you out of vulcan mind?" didn't realise it was wrong until after, but love Karl even more :)

Lego man collection (this is only 1/4 of the whole collection) included here: Zombie, Cowboy (Tucker), Robot, Jack Sparrow, Severus Snape (with skaterboy hair because I couldn't find his real hair :( ), Mummy complete with Scorpion, Frankie, Lucius Malfoy and Punk.

Camera collection. I don't have that many yet :)

random toys. Futurma, Sackboy, Bob the skutter, Bobba Fett, HM Murdoch from The A Team, Bone (aka Karl Urban) from Star Trek etc.

Mario star. Good for huggin!

Muse print by Jackie Deleon

Mary statue. (Salt Dog & Pepper Cat)

Perfume collection

Comic Book collection

Manga Collection


Cat :)

05 August 2011

I Need Your Help With A Post!

So Little Jen from work is leaving, so they wrote on the staffroom board if anyone was interested in her job (20 hours a week in the Sound & Vision Bar) and I said I was... and well, I GOT IT!
I was on 13.5 hours a week. Now I'm on 23 hours a week (because they let me keep my Thursday night shift) that's 9.5 MORE permanent hours a week, as well as a 30c an hour pay rise! DANCE WITH ME!
But because of the new hours, it interferes with my other job (which I'm not a big fan of at the moment) so now I have to strike up the courage to go and discuss new hours with my boss. As annoying and (at the moment upsetting) that job is, I don't want to leave. It's good money for easy work. But I have found myself getting upset about it recently, things that, at the time, seem so bad, but after calming down, I realise they aren't that bad. BUT I'm not going to let myself be taken advantage of, the old Melissa might of, but NOT ME!!

I apologise for the lack of posts of late. I've started countless posts about various things, but either get sidetracked, realise you probably don't want to read 1000 words about how sad I am, or just can't seem to find the right sort of content.

I'm working on a post at the moment called "Must-watch Brit Coms part 2" but I've hit a little bit of a wall. So I need your help.

What are your favourite British Comedies?!

let me know. write a little bit about it, and I'll add it to my list :) Then hopefully I'll have enough to write about :)
this is how i feel about all my readers :)

02 August 2011

epic x 2

The Robots Have My Money

Awesomest. Day. EVER!

Today is the awesomest day ever!
First off I got a new job... well I'm still at my current workplace, but now I get to work in the Soundbar with the DVDs/CDs/Games/Tech. It's the prefect and most logical place for me to be :)

Secondly, the awesomest thing I've ever ordered arrived in the mail. I had to set up a US address to get it, and I was worried that it would just disappear into oblivion and I'd never see it... but it arrive. An Official Severus Snape wand. It came in a collectors Olivander wand box, and it weighy and doesn't feel like a cheap knock off.

Thirdly (and this is the most awesome thing that has happened this year, by far) I have a new cousin :) Yep, my aunt had her baby. We knew that it was going to be a boy, so the surprise was going to be the babies name... and I'm so excited. I now have a SETH in my family. How awesome is that!?

So new job, new wand and a new family member. Awesomest. Day. Ever.