02 August 2011

Awesomest. Day. EVER!

Today is the awesomest day ever!
First off I got a new job... well I'm still at my current workplace, but now I get to work in the Soundbar with the DVDs/CDs/Games/Tech. It's the prefect and most logical place for me to be :)

Secondly, the awesomest thing I've ever ordered arrived in the mail. I had to set up a US address to get it, and I was worried that it would just disappear into oblivion and I'd never see it... but it arrive. An Official Severus Snape wand. It came in a collectors Olivander wand box, and it weighy and doesn't feel like a cheap knock off.

Thirdly (and this is the most awesome thing that has happened this year, by far) I have a new cousin :) Yep, my aunt had her baby. We knew that it was going to be a boy, so the surprise was going to be the babies name... and I'm so excited. I now have a SETH in my family. How awesome is that!?

So new job, new wand and a new family member. Awesomest. Day. Ever.

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    Glad to here you had an amazo-day.. everythings coming up milhouse! i mean.. melissa :P haha

    WUVS YOUUUU we dont talk enough. xx hope you are well