24 August 2011


I want to apoligise for being away :( SORRY!
Someone HACKED my email address that controls this blog! It was the scariest thing ever, all I could do was keep checking my blog and making sure it was still there.
Thanks to Google I was able to add another member to this blog (ie ME :D) and then delete the old one. But that also means that I have lost the list of blogs I'm following :( So if you read my blog and want me to read yours, leave a comment and I'll follow you again :)
The problem now is transferring EVERYTHING that I used my old email with to my new email, which will be a hassle, because most things I have with my old email I already have with my new email too. ie TUMBLR, Polyvore etc. I have 2 accounts, so I can't change the email address :( GAH! Stupid hackers...
So I'm back... but super busy so I don't know how often the posts will be... but I do have some things to say... probably not too exciting... but still. SEE YOU SOON!

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