21 September 2011

Midnight Blog Posts

I downloaded the blogger app so I can blog with my phone, but I have an issue... You can only type in portrait mode, not landscape, which I hate, so this will probably be my last post using this app until it's fixed :)

13 September 2011

Star Trek TOS Cross Stitch

Star Trek iotacons by Andy Rash

... and I knew I needed it. I followed the links and found Andy Rash's iotacons blog. FULL of other awesome and geeky iotacons. I could die, It's awesome geeky cross stitch pattern overload :) There are no colours for threads, but it's not hard to figure it out for yourself.
So far I have completed, Kirk & Spock and have begun Bones. I'm thinking of having the text "Space, the final frontier" instead of "Live long and prosper"

The site is full of awesomeness, and since the last post was yesterday, hopefully there will be some more soon :) I think some Doctor Who ones are in order :)

I will update you on the progress of my cross-stitch as it becomes more awesome.

12 September 2011

Jimmy McBride Creations

While exploring the internet for inspiration I came across the most epic quilt I have ever lay my geeky eyes on.
Its a patchwork quilt version of the Crab Nebula. The amazing man (yes man) behind it is Jimmy McBride, and as well as this one he does others, including the Pillars Of Creation, Phobos V2 (one of Mars' moons) plus more. But The Crab Nebula is my favourite. Just look at the details. And do you know what's even better about it? Most of the fabric used is old clothing and donated fabric, as well as "fabric given to me by inhabitants of the arctic rain forests of Tao'Ne and traders on a distant mining station, thread from old vacuum blankets." :) What a Nerd :)

The full quilt in all it's glory.
I would love to own it, but with a price tag of $12,000 it's a little out of reach.
Details... look at all the tartan and plaid :)
Stitching is awesome, colours are perfect.
just breath taking.

11 September 2011

Adventures In The Boringest World EVER!

I decided I was going to do a little adventure in Minecraft and post it on my blog. It all started out great. Huge mountains etc, and then it went to shit!

SPAWN: Surrounded by huge mountains. At least I didn't spawn in a tree

Voodoo Girl Costume Ideas

I need help.
I've been invited to my friends epic 26th Birthday/New Years Eve party. Obviously it's a little while away, but I still need to do some serious planning.
You see, it's a Tim Burton inspired party.
I don't want to go as just any character from Tim Burton films, so I've decided to go as a character from one of his short stories.
Voodoo Girl
I just need some ideas. I have found 2 photos online of others that have dressed as her, and I love the ideas, but because I'm plus sized I can't just wear a sheer white singlet.
I like the giant pins. They look like they are made of knitting needles and coloured plasticine, I like the giant heart. I'm thinking of making mine out of velvet, but making it more 3 dimensional (like below)
I like the dress she has made out of calico. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing, but making the stitching more noticeable. The girls at work have suggested striped tights to wear underneath the dress, but I have no idea where I would buy them in my size. I have a pair of thin black and white striped pants that may do, but they are bootleg and I think that would make the costume look a bit weird.
I'm going to buy some coloured contacts. I tried to find some voodoo swirls but was unsuccessful, so I'm thinking either solid red or white... or just bright blue or green, just something different.

Does anyone know what these girls used to make their skin white?
Does anyone know where I can get striped plus size tights?

Anyway that's my first ideas about the costume. Hope you like :)

10 September 2011


You may have noticed a blog name change :) the url (or "Earl" as my little sister calls it) WILL NOT change, because, well I paid for it :) plus it's awesome!

Listening... Sucker Punch soundtrack, well 2 songs off it. "White Rabbit" by Emiliana Torrini and "Love Is The Drug" by Oscar Issac & Carla Gugino. Also "Bloodstained Heart" by Darren Hayes (I wish Savage Garden were still together)

Reading... The Hunger Games. I'm actually quite disturbed by the whole concept of kids fighting to the death for fame and glory. But it's really good so far.

Watching... Heaps. Since I've been addicted to Minecraft for the past month, I've been trying to minimise how much time I've been playing, so I've been watching movies. I loved Your Highness, especially when the wonderful Damian Lewis appeared :) also Doctor Who. So excited that it's back on TV. I missed Rory :)

Buying... pre-ordered the Complete Collection of Star Wars on Blu-Ray today. It's out this week. So freaking excited.

Wanting... Not to have such uppy/downy moods all the time :(

Trying... to stay calm, not complain, cry less, be happy, blog more, play less minecraft (like that's ever going to happen)

Loving... ahem... MINECRAFT :P Frankie magazine. It makes me want to start my own magazine... or maybe my own shop... dreams are good :)

Planning... depending on whether I can get the time off... going to Sydney to see the Harry Potter exhibition in November plus side trip to Hobart... yay Salamanca Markets :)

Writing... not much, haven't really been in the mood. But I've been helping my little sister with ideas for her Wizard of Oz/Starkid screenplay :)

So that's it. I've tried to stay away from Minecraft but I just can't do it anymore... so I'm off. For all you readers reading this in a RSS feed or on Google Reader, don't forget to click through and have a look at my new layout.


Have you seen the new Blogger interface? AWESOME and white and awesome. I love it!

I know I've been a bit "absent" lately... a couple of reason, 1) really not that enthused about blogging and 2) MINECRAFT... One word EPIC! As far as I know, a large amount of my followers play, and those of you that don't... you totally should. I've just downloaded the "leaked" update... but considering it was "leaked" by Notch the creator of Minecraft... it's not really a leak is it. It cost me $21 to register and the game is free to download, so I can log in from any computer that has it (won't have my saved awesome worlds) but it's still fun. I use Minecraft with 2 mods. Yogbox and TooManyItems, but I'm getting bored of having all the items available freely, and I've started actually searching for them. With 1.8 I have to have a fresh install, so I'll lose access to the mods (which will now have to be updated anyway)
Epic cave/mountain

my mountain mansion

on top of the world

the nether. I'm NEVER going back there!!!

I'm still having a hard time finding things to say so if you want to read some more information about Minecraft you should check out Emma's new blog, A Cupcake in a Cupcake. She's the whole reason I even got into Minecraft.