11 September 2011

Adventures In The Boringest World EVER!

I decided I was going to do a little adventure in Minecraft and post it on my blog. It all started out great. Huge mountains etc, and then it went to shit!

SPAWN: Surrounded by huge mountains. At least I didn't spawn in a tree

2 steps left and what do I find? A ravine (explored... nothing there at all. No mine shafts, nothing)
Climbed to the top of the mountain to check out the view and to decide which way to travel. I really miss my mini-map I had before in the Yogbox. Awesome new MOUNTAIN BIOMES!
Oh look, a forrest in the distance. Let's go that way.
Notch mentioned a OCEAN BIOME... I guess this is it. It's hard to explore the ocean without any items that can help. Maybe something for them to consider in the future
Pig on the mountain. I'm always surprised to where the mobs spawn. Like that cow I once saw on top of a tree on a floating island.
Zee Forrest... and my Diamond Sword. FORREST BIOMES are FULL (and I mean FULL) of trees... carefully not to fall down a ravine or a very deep hole.
Once through the Forrest I find a flat area cover in trees with vines hanging off them.
Tree in the water. Is this the SWAMP BIOME?
The colours between biomes differ. You can see the SWAMP BIOME (left) is a lot brighter than the FORREST BIOME (right)
SCRUBLAND BIOME. Hardly any trees... heaps of animals. WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP RAINING!
I decide to get a boat and travel out to sea. I pretty much go forward 1000 metres and NOTHING! NOT A THING! Epic OCEAN BIOME is EPIC!
Finally... LAND! DESERT BIOME... I'm so excited that there is land... YAY. But then it turns out to be an island :( So I jump into the water and kill myself so I'll respawn back at the beginning.

So, I respawned at the beginning and went the opposite direction, but its just more Ocean :( I was also confused by the lack of monsters. I was set on Normal, and even at night I saw one zombie and a creeper and that was it. Must be a glitch or something.

I hope you enjoyed my adventures. I'm going to try again later :) hopefully some exciting shit will happen.

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  1. This makes me want to download the 1.8 leak and do similar on my blog haha :P so i am presuming too many items works with the 1.8 leak?

    Was it hard to install etc?