10 September 2011


You may have noticed a blog name change :) the url (or "Earl" as my little sister calls it) WILL NOT change, because, well I paid for it :) plus it's awesome!

Listening... Sucker Punch soundtrack, well 2 songs off it. "White Rabbit" by Emiliana Torrini and "Love Is The Drug" by Oscar Issac & Carla Gugino. Also "Bloodstained Heart" by Darren Hayes (I wish Savage Garden were still together)

Reading... The Hunger Games. I'm actually quite disturbed by the whole concept of kids fighting to the death for fame and glory. But it's really good so far.

Watching... Heaps. Since I've been addicted to Minecraft for the past month, I've been trying to minimise how much time I've been playing, so I've been watching movies. I loved Your Highness, especially when the wonderful Damian Lewis appeared :) also Doctor Who. So excited that it's back on TV. I missed Rory :)

Buying... pre-ordered the Complete Collection of Star Wars on Blu-Ray today. It's out this week. So freaking excited.

Wanting... Not to have such uppy/downy moods all the time :(

Trying... to stay calm, not complain, cry less, be happy, blog more, play less minecraft (like that's ever going to happen)

Loving... ahem... MINECRAFT :P Frankie magazine. It makes me want to start my own magazine... or maybe my own shop... dreams are good :)

Planning... depending on whether I can get the time off... going to Sydney to see the Harry Potter exhibition in November plus side trip to Hobart... yay Salamanca Markets :)

Writing... not much, haven't really been in the mood. But I've been helping my little sister with ideas for her Wizard of Oz/Starkid screenplay :)

So that's it. I've tried to stay away from Minecraft but I just can't do it anymore... so I'm off. For all you readers reading this in a RSS feed or on Google Reader, don't forget to click through and have a look at my new layout.


  1. Will do one of these on my blog and link to/from :) x

  2. LOVE the new name! Very clever.

    Also, did I thank you for the zine? I received it a little while ago and it's really cool! Thanks!