12 September 2011

Jimmy McBride Creations

While exploring the internet for inspiration I came across the most epic quilt I have ever lay my geeky eyes on.
Its a patchwork quilt version of the Crab Nebula. The amazing man (yes man) behind it is Jimmy McBride, and as well as this one he does others, including the Pillars Of Creation, Phobos V2 (one of Mars' moons) plus more. But The Crab Nebula is my favourite. Just look at the details. And do you know what's even better about it? Most of the fabric used is old clothing and donated fabric, as well as "fabric given to me by inhabitants of the arctic rain forests of Tao'Ne and traders on a distant mining station, thread from old vacuum blankets." :) What a Nerd :)

The full quilt in all it's glory.
I would love to own it, but with a price tag of $12,000 it's a little out of reach.
Details... look at all the tartan and plaid :)
Stitching is awesome, colours are perfect.
just breath taking.

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