13 September 2011

Star Trek TOS Cross Stitch

Star Trek iotacons by Andy Rash

... and I knew I needed it. I followed the links and found Andy Rash's iotacons blog. FULL of other awesome and geeky iotacons. I could die, It's awesome geeky cross stitch pattern overload :) There are no colours for threads, but it's not hard to figure it out for yourself.
So far I have completed, Kirk & Spock and have begun Bones. I'm thinking of having the text "Space, the final frontier" instead of "Live long and prosper"

The site is full of awesomeness, and since the last post was yesterday, hopefully there will be some more soon :) I think some Doctor Who ones are in order :)

I will update you on the progress of my cross-stitch as it becomes more awesome.

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