11 September 2011

Voodoo Girl Costume Ideas

I need help.
I've been invited to my friends epic 26th Birthday/New Years Eve party. Obviously it's a little while away, but I still need to do some serious planning.
You see, it's a Tim Burton inspired party.
I don't want to go as just any character from Tim Burton films, so I've decided to go as a character from one of his short stories.
Voodoo Girl
I just need some ideas. I have found 2 photos online of others that have dressed as her, and I love the ideas, but because I'm plus sized I can't just wear a sheer white singlet.
I like the giant pins. They look like they are made of knitting needles and coloured plasticine, I like the giant heart. I'm thinking of making mine out of velvet, but making it more 3 dimensional (like below)
I like the dress she has made out of calico. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing, but making the stitching more noticeable. The girls at work have suggested striped tights to wear underneath the dress, but I have no idea where I would buy them in my size. I have a pair of thin black and white striped pants that may do, but they are bootleg and I think that would make the costume look a bit weird.
I'm going to buy some coloured contacts. I tried to find some voodoo swirls but was unsuccessful, so I'm thinking either solid red or white... or just bright blue or green, just something different.

Does anyone know what these girls used to make their skin white?
Does anyone know where I can get striped plus size tights?

Anyway that's my first ideas about the costume. Hope you like :)