11 September 2011

Voodoo Girl Costume Ideas

I need help.
I've been invited to my friends epic 26th Birthday/New Years Eve party. Obviously it's a little while away, but I still need to do some serious planning.
You see, it's a Tim Burton inspired party.
I don't want to go as just any character from Tim Burton films, so I've decided to go as a character from one of his short stories.
Voodoo Girl
I just need some ideas. I have found 2 photos online of others that have dressed as her, and I love the ideas, but because I'm plus sized I can't just wear a sheer white singlet.
I like the giant pins. They look like they are made of knitting needles and coloured plasticine, I like the giant heart. I'm thinking of making mine out of velvet, but making it more 3 dimensional (like below)
I like the dress she has made out of calico. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing, but making the stitching more noticeable. The girls at work have suggested striped tights to wear underneath the dress, but I have no idea where I would buy them in my size. I have a pair of thin black and white striped pants that may do, but they are bootleg and I think that would make the costume look a bit weird.
I'm going to buy some coloured contacts. I tried to find some voodoo swirls but was unsuccessful, so I'm thinking either solid red or white... or just bright blue or green, just something different.

Does anyone know what these girls used to make their skin white?
Does anyone know where I can get striped plus size tights?

Anyway that's my first ideas about the costume. Hope you like :)


  1. From gothy/punky/rockabilly stores you can get this white face powder stuff like that ^ or perhaps white face paint? could always mix it with a liquid foundation to make it less ghostly ^__^

    Calico is relatively cheap, but any cheap white fabric would do for the dress.. I noticed in the original image it is sort of drapey.. and i like the idea of big noticable stiches (could do those in wool perhaps?) and they do look like knitting needles with plasticine and i like the idea of a 3D heart :)

  2. We Love Colors has stripey tights. I haven't ordered from there myself though.

    Great idea for a costume btw. And I like the stitches in the first girl's makeup too.

  3. @ Zombie Leah. I remember that site but couldn't remember the name :) YAY for tights. And shipping to Australia isn't even that expensive, need to save up and buy all the colours :)

  4. I did this costume a few years ago and it's so fun!. Don:t worry about a form fitting dress. Just get any white dress and you:ll be fine. I used silver straws and just taped scrunched up paper on to the tops and colored each one a different color. Also for plus size tights Torrid should have them especially around this time of year. As for their make up I:m sure they used which costume powder.. or sometimes it come more in a creamed base. hum.. what else, Oh for the eyes I just used a pair of sunglasses and made the spiral discs out of paper and plopped them on.. with a hole in the center of it. A good idea too I thought of but didn:t do was carrying a little stick around and taping or gluing green lightning bolts too them. You could use felt or that sticky foam stuff you can find at craft stores. Its just a thought as a prop for pix and such. Hope it comes out amazing good luck.

  5. I'd love to know how the pins were made in the first photo with the colored balls on top! Any ideas on that? I'd love to do them that way in my "version"

    Thank you :)

    1. I used wooden skewers painted grey then used modelling clay and stuck the little pin heads on the end, then painted them different colours. I never got any photos of the finished product, but they looked really good!

  6. Wooden scewers and pom-poms so they're lightweight.

  7. But how do you get the "pins" to attach firmly to the costume?

    1. i ended up using hard form in the hard and just put some glue on the end and stuck them in the heart. they held really well!