28 October 2011

Badgers In Top Hats

Excited about badge making :) The press is due next week. I created a facebook page and I've been telling everyone I know about it. I actually think this might work :) please LIKE my facebook badge. I'm hoping that in the future I will have a website :)


Suggestions are welcome, especially got badge designs.

24 October 2011

Divinecraft Quick Review

Today was spent playing minecraft on an awesome public server called Divinecraft. The server address is "login.divinecraft.net" and you spawn into a area with portals that take you to certain areas. So far there is only one area working, but it's still fun. There is a shop and PvP arena and Mob Arena, but I wandered straight out into the wilderness and built a house, which turned to a fort and then I figured out how to create my own faction. I'm now the mod of the GEEK faction. You can claim land in the wilderness and only people in your faction can build and destroy blocks in the area. I did have a problem with some player who wanted to be a mod in my faction, but I figured out how to set the faction to private and a booted them :)
I would love to play more, but I can only play at mums because she has fast Internet, but at home I can't use the Internet to play minecraft :)
Everyone who plays minecraft should check out Divinecraft. I haven't figured out how to buy and sell yet, but I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out.
The coolest thing about this server, is they have a live map, so you can see all the factions, all the terrain and building and all the players :) the link to the live map is http://login.divinecraft.net:8123 :)

23 October 2011

Badge Maker

My mum needed custom badges for her new charity, Kids Central. She was going to get the badges made, but instead she has ordered a badge press. Do you know what that means? I can make badges! Mum is excited because she thinks I'll be able to start a business designing and selling badges etc. I'm quite excited about the idea. She thinks I should come up with ideas for business names and some business ideas :) I'm excited. I have a couple of names:
• Badgers In Top Hats (complete with Badgers in Top Hats)
• 8-Bit Designs
• Don't Panic Designs
They are some of my ideas, I'm not very good with creative stuff, so I'll have to look for someone to maybe do some image commissions etc.
I'm excited by the prospects of having something to keep me busy :)
Hopefully the Badge Press won't be too far away :)
I'll keep you updated :)

22 October 2011

What Makes Me, Me

A couple of months ago, I was asked, by my counsellor, "what makes me, me"
It doesn't seem like a hard question, but it is.

Somethings that make me, me.

  • I buy cookie dough, not to bake cookies, but purely to eat the cookie dough.
  • In stories and dreams/fantasies I go buy a different name.
  • I'm not very good at finishing things... ie books, tv series, blog post etc.
  • I love "What's In My Bag/Room" posts.
  • I love space. I know nearly all the constellations in the sky here.
  • I try not to judge, but believe I'm extremely judgemental sometimes.
  • I don't like sport... except Cycling. I LOVE watching "Le Tour De France" when it's on. My dad used to ride professionally when I was younger, so I guess that's why I like it. And seriously, fit men wearing tight fitting clothing.... ;)
  • I'm attracted to older men... like "a lot older than me" men.
  • I don't know what I want to do when "I grow up"
  • I can't save money.
  • Green is my favourite colour.
  • My signature dish is Creamy Chicken Pot Pie.
  • I don't think I would of survived the last couple of years without music, or the internet.
  • I'm a non-practicing proud Roman Catholic who believes in Evolution and The Big Bang.
That's all I can think of at the moment, plus there seems to be an awful lot of thunder out there, so I'll be turning off my computer now :)


Sims 3: Pets

This is Emma. She's a crazy awesome cat loving, nana sweater wearing geek, and I love her :)

 This is her cat Lewis. "She's" a Devon Rex, who likes to hunt :)
This is Simon, he's a fat Scottish Fold who LOVES to sleep. He's also, not the smartest cat in the world (read: STUPID)
This is their house. They live in a wonderful new town called Appaloosa Falls. It's full of huge lots, beautiful farmhouses and is full of wild horses, wild animals (like deer and raccoons) and strays, so if Emma decides she wants more pets, it won't be hard to find one.

Sims 3: Pets. It's the newest expansion for the Sims 3 franchise, it was one of the Sims 2 expansions that I would love to see as Sims 3 (other than SEASONS.... Dear Sims 3 creators... I WANT SEASONS in Sims 3)

There are a few differences to the Sims 2 version.
  • Pets can't have jobs 
  • HORSES, which includes new "Riding Skills" for your Sim, and Racing and Jumping Skills for the Horse.
  • You can now control your pets like you control your sims (unlike the Sims 2 version, where you could only do it with cheats) 
  • Wild animals, including Snakes, Turtles, Lizards, Birds and Rodents that can be collected and kept in Terrariums and cages.
  • Cats and Dogs can have "Hunting Skills". Cats will hunt the above mentioned animals, Dogs will collect Gems, Metals, Rocks and "Special Things" which includes fragments of bones that can be made into Dinosaur Skeletons, and fragments of Pet related sculptures.
  • DNA/Genetics play a big part when you breed the animals.
  • in Create a Pet you choose 3 traits for your pets, but they can learn more traits. ie a horse that runs lots and likes to race, will acquire the "fast" trait, or cats that are friendly to people and other animals can acquire the "friendly" trait.
  • Create A Pet has Advanced settings so you can create the most awesome layered coats for your pets, I haven't had much of a play of this, but some of the coats I've seen in the game are amazing. (see below)

AND LASTLY.... Unicorns. I am yet to see one yet. I know they come in either white or black, and will appear randomly in the game. They can bless sims and other animals, run REALLY fast and come with maxed out Racing and Jumping traits, and when they run, Rainbows and Sparkles follow behind them. Unicorns can be bred with other unicorns or horses, and when bred with horses there is a small chance you'll have a unicorn foal. Unicorns can be "invited to live" with your family, and live longer than normal horses.

So far I've been having a lot of fun with this game. I'm finding horses the most fun, so far, but I have been playing with the horses more than cats and dogs. I'm hoping on finding a Unicorn soon. I will post photos when I do.

As for bugs. I haven't had any problems with it yet. I've heard that Sims 3 has stopped working altogether with people using Mac OSX Lion, but I haven't updated to Lion yet. I'm not sure if there is any issues on PC. My little sister was having some issues on her town, but I think it has something to do with her moving a family from one town to another, and then using cheats to change a male sim into a female sim.

I will continue to play with Emma, Lewis & Simon and hopefully it won't be too long until there is Kittens... and for all those of you wondering. Lewis & Simon where named after the awesome dudes from the Yogscast. If you haven't watched a least one of their Minecraft Youtube videos, you're missing out. I downloaded the Yogscast Soundboard for my iPhone and it's hilarious. Trying to make the sounds into ringtones :)

Hope you enjoyed my post. Bye :)

Most Recently Downloaded Songs

15 October 2011

The Inbetweeners!

I'm at my mums' using her internet :) UNLIMITED BROADBAND! I've updated my iPhone to iOS5 and now I'm watching Season 1 of the Yogscast on Youtube. How awesome are Lewis and Simon? :P

I'm in love with The Inbetweeners.... actually Will to be exact. I don't care for the others, just Will. I LOVE HIM!
The Inbetweeners... (top left) That guy, (top right) that other guy, (bottom left) that guy, (bottom right) WILL!
He looks quite dashing with his glasses and bow tie!

Have I mentioned that I now work in the DVD section at Target. I freaking love it. It's so awesome. I'm not standing around, I always have something to do, and I have heaps of awesome customers to chat to.

Sims 3 Pets is out next week. I'm so excited. I can't wait to own a horse. I hate horses in real life, but I think Sims horses are awesome. I also heard a rumour that there will be Unicorns in Sims 3 Pets!!! SO EXCITED

I'm off now :)

Geek Picspam :)

beyond awesome wallpaper

this will be my birthday cake

can i have a pet at-at

daft punk coca-cola


09 October 2011

My Theory

Steve Jobs isn't dead, he's just gone to The Grid to hang with Flynn and Tron.

06 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

You have probably heard, but Steve Jobs former CEO of Apple has died.

It's very sad, because he was a true visionary. People would argue the point with me, but who else in this world was able to create something that nearly every single person would want? I work in an area that sells Apple iPods and I sell at least one a day! Every person I know, has at least one Apple product, or at least knows of Apple. I'm a recent convert from PC to Apple, and I'll never look back.

Last night my dad asked me to google Steve Jobs and see if he was getting better. I wasn't able to find anything, mostly blogs bitching about how he wasn't at the announcement of the iPhone 4S, WELL NOW YOU KNOW WHY!

I really loved this simple dedication they did to Steve on the Apple site. (don't mind my awesome Pokemon wallpaper (even if it does make it hard to find anything on my desktop))

I also did my own dedication.
I actually had the idea to do this last night, but never got around to it. So I did it this morning after I heard the news. Steve Jobs will watch over my village :) Hopefully a creeper won't blow him up.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

05 October 2011

Hot Guy Movie Night

Last Saturday I had one of my friends come over for a "hot guy movie night"... well technically we started watching movies at 2.30pm :) Here's what we watched.

Your Highness - for me it was Damian Lewis, I think Jen was watching it for James Franco. Jen didn't really like it. She said that she hasn't decided if she likes it or not. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty much Pineapple Express but set in Medieval time. The music reminded me of Sims Medieval :)

Star Trek - I watched for Karl Urban (of course!) and Jen watched for Anton Yelchin (she has a "very soft spot for that young lovely")

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - First time watching. AWESOME film. Was confused the whole way through, but was totally worth it for Robert Downey Jr.

Source Code - I hadn't seen this movie before. I'm not a huge fan of Jake but Jen wanted to watch it. It was quite good, and surprisingly didn't hurt my head :)

Priest - I MADE JEN WATCH THIS MOVIE! I don't think she liked it :( hahaha I LOVE IT!

Hitman - Jen wanted to watch for Timothy Olyphant, I didn't complain :)

It was a pretty awesome night. We ate yum food (Jen made Hawaiian Chicken) and we swooned over hot boys. We are going to plan another on in the next couple of weeks. We just need to come up with another list of movies. May force her to watch Legion :)

Now I'm off to play Minecraft :) Creative mode is fun. My minecraft world is dotted with random 8bit awesomes :)