05 October 2011

Hot Guy Movie Night

Last Saturday I had one of my friends come over for a "hot guy movie night"... well technically we started watching movies at 2.30pm :) Here's what we watched.

Your Highness - for me it was Damian Lewis, I think Jen was watching it for James Franco. Jen didn't really like it. She said that she hasn't decided if she likes it or not. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty much Pineapple Express but set in Medieval time. The music reminded me of Sims Medieval :)

Star Trek - I watched for Karl Urban (of course!) and Jen watched for Anton Yelchin (she has a "very soft spot for that young lovely")

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - First time watching. AWESOME film. Was confused the whole way through, but was totally worth it for Robert Downey Jr.

Source Code - I hadn't seen this movie before. I'm not a huge fan of Jake but Jen wanted to watch it. It was quite good, and surprisingly didn't hurt my head :)

Priest - I MADE JEN WATCH THIS MOVIE! I don't think she liked it :( hahaha I LOVE IT!

Hitman - Jen wanted to watch for Timothy Olyphant, I didn't complain :)

It was a pretty awesome night. We ate yum food (Jen made Hawaiian Chicken) and we swooned over hot boys. We are going to plan another on in the next couple of weeks. We just need to come up with another list of movies. May force her to watch Legion :)

Now I'm off to play Minecraft :) Creative mode is fun. My minecraft world is dotted with random 8bit awesomes :)


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