06 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

You have probably heard, but Steve Jobs former CEO of Apple has died.

It's very sad, because he was a true visionary. People would argue the point with me, but who else in this world was able to create something that nearly every single person would want? I work in an area that sells Apple iPods and I sell at least one a day! Every person I know, has at least one Apple product, or at least knows of Apple. I'm a recent convert from PC to Apple, and I'll never look back.

Last night my dad asked me to google Steve Jobs and see if he was getting better. I wasn't able to find anything, mostly blogs bitching about how he wasn't at the announcement of the iPhone 4S, WELL NOW YOU KNOW WHY!

I really loved this simple dedication they did to Steve on the Apple site. (don't mind my awesome Pokemon wallpaper (even if it does make it hard to find anything on my desktop))

I also did my own dedication.
I actually had the idea to do this last night, but never got around to it. So I did it this morning after I heard the news. Steve Jobs will watch over my village :) Hopefully a creeper won't blow him up.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

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