22 October 2011

Sims 3: Pets

This is Emma. She's a crazy awesome cat loving, nana sweater wearing geek, and I love her :)

 This is her cat Lewis. "She's" a Devon Rex, who likes to hunt :)
This is Simon, he's a fat Scottish Fold who LOVES to sleep. He's also, not the smartest cat in the world (read: STUPID)
This is their house. They live in a wonderful new town called Appaloosa Falls. It's full of huge lots, beautiful farmhouses and is full of wild horses, wild animals (like deer and raccoons) and strays, so if Emma decides she wants more pets, it won't be hard to find one.

Sims 3: Pets. It's the newest expansion for the Sims 3 franchise, it was one of the Sims 2 expansions that I would love to see as Sims 3 (other than SEASONS.... Dear Sims 3 creators... I WANT SEASONS in Sims 3)

There are a few differences to the Sims 2 version.
  • Pets can't have jobs 
  • HORSES, which includes new "Riding Skills" for your Sim, and Racing and Jumping Skills for the Horse.
  • You can now control your pets like you control your sims (unlike the Sims 2 version, where you could only do it with cheats) 
  • Wild animals, including Snakes, Turtles, Lizards, Birds and Rodents that can be collected and kept in Terrariums and cages.
  • Cats and Dogs can have "Hunting Skills". Cats will hunt the above mentioned animals, Dogs will collect Gems, Metals, Rocks and "Special Things" which includes fragments of bones that can be made into Dinosaur Skeletons, and fragments of Pet related sculptures.
  • DNA/Genetics play a big part when you breed the animals.
  • in Create a Pet you choose 3 traits for your pets, but they can learn more traits. ie a horse that runs lots and likes to race, will acquire the "fast" trait, or cats that are friendly to people and other animals can acquire the "friendly" trait.
  • Create A Pet has Advanced settings so you can create the most awesome layered coats for your pets, I haven't had much of a play of this, but some of the coats I've seen in the game are amazing. (see below)

AND LASTLY.... Unicorns. I am yet to see one yet. I know they come in either white or black, and will appear randomly in the game. They can bless sims and other animals, run REALLY fast and come with maxed out Racing and Jumping traits, and when they run, Rainbows and Sparkles follow behind them. Unicorns can be bred with other unicorns or horses, and when bred with horses there is a small chance you'll have a unicorn foal. Unicorns can be "invited to live" with your family, and live longer than normal horses.

So far I've been having a lot of fun with this game. I'm finding horses the most fun, so far, but I have been playing with the horses more than cats and dogs. I'm hoping on finding a Unicorn soon. I will post photos when I do.

As for bugs. I haven't had any problems with it yet. I've heard that Sims 3 has stopped working altogether with people using Mac OSX Lion, but I haven't updated to Lion yet. I'm not sure if there is any issues on PC. My little sister was having some issues on her town, but I think it has something to do with her moving a family from one town to another, and then using cheats to change a male sim into a female sim.

I will continue to play with Emma, Lewis & Simon and hopefully it won't be too long until there is Kittens... and for all those of you wondering. Lewis & Simon where named after the awesome dudes from the Yogscast. If you haven't watched a least one of their Minecraft Youtube videos, you're missing out. I downloaded the Yogscast Soundboard for my iPhone and it's hilarious. Trying to make the sounds into ringtones :)

Hope you enjoyed my post. Bye :)


  1. I would so wear that jumper.. also YAY i have animals! And you best be finding me a unicorn! :P it looks really good - does it go well with the other expansions?

    I love that you can collect wild animals to keep - its such an american thing really, don't know of anyone who has done it around here, i spose coz america has lots of lovely woody places for such activities :D

  2. I haven't really noticed any connection to the other expansions. I haven't travelled, I don't think the animals can. I'm sure the animals could go to a nightclub, but I haven't tried. It all seems to work well together I guess. I'm sure it would work just as well and be just as fun with just Sims 3 and none of the expansions.

    And yes, You will have your unicorn. It's your lifetime wish, to find a unicorn :)