24 October 2011

Divinecraft Quick Review

Today was spent playing minecraft on an awesome public server called Divinecraft. The server address is "login.divinecraft.net" and you spawn into a area with portals that take you to certain areas. So far there is only one area working, but it's still fun. There is a shop and PvP arena and Mob Arena, but I wandered straight out into the wilderness and built a house, which turned to a fort and then I figured out how to create my own faction. I'm now the mod of the GEEK faction. You can claim land in the wilderness and only people in your faction can build and destroy blocks in the area. I did have a problem with some player who wanted to be a mod in my faction, but I figured out how to set the faction to private and a booted them :)
I would love to play more, but I can only play at mums because she has fast Internet, but at home I can't use the Internet to play minecraft :)
Everyone who plays minecraft should check out Divinecraft. I haven't figured out how to buy and sell yet, but I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out.
The coolest thing about this server, is they have a live map, so you can see all the factions, all the terrain and building and all the players :) the link to the live map is http://login.divinecraft.net:8123 :)