04 November 2011

NaBloPoMo - Paper Or Screen?

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

It all depends on where I am and how I'm feeling.
I have so many notebooks, mostly half filled with random dribble, personal entries, fanfiction, short stories and ideas, dream and inspirations.
I love seeing handwritten journals and diaries.
But being a blogger, I also love using my computer to write. I have numerous folders dedicated to different types of writing. Personal, fanfiction, blog posts that I start planning but never finish... EVERYTHING!
I love writing lists... whether in be on the computer or on paper. I think handwritten lists are the best. If I find a piece of paper on the ground at work I always check to see if it's a list. I used to collect them, but I have misplaced them when I moved house :(
When I was in primary school and early highschool my friends and I used to write stories all the time, but I found once school started to get harder and my friends interested changed I began to write less and less.
I wish I was into writing stories again. I have lots of ideas, but can't seem to get them down. Damn my brain!

Now for a We Heart It picspam... today's magic word is "Journal"


  1. Those are beautiful journals! My problem is I love brand new journals to write in, so once I get about halfway through one, I feel the need to buy another.

    Fortunately, I cannot replace my blog!

  2. Love the pictures, I absolutely adore WeHeartIt. I spend hours just flitting through the pages from time to time. Just goes to show how exciting my life is.

    And I agree, I love both! I have a bunch of notebooks and journals lying around the house, and, like you, they're filled with lots of nonsensical ramblings about my day, fanfiction, character sketches, and who knows what. I still have mine from when I was six - I wrote about the dentist in one entry. It feels like such a conventional kid-entry, if you know what I mean.

    Lovely blog!

  3. I have one of those large plastic crates filled with stationary, mostly notebooks and journals that are half filled or perhaps have one page written/drawn on. I would love to stick to a journal and do drawings and writing and all that jazz (like the pretty ones you have shown) but I just never remember or i fudge up one page and go buy a new journal haha.. I am also a serial list maker..