04 November 2011


As most of you know... it's almost my birthday!
I'll be 25, which if a pretty scary number... I'm a quarter of a century OLD!
I guess I feel a bit blah about turning 25 because I'm yet to experience things in life that most people have, Love, Relationships....blah blah blah etc. *sadface*
But enough *sadface* it's happy.... it's my birthday... the one day of the year I have a good excuse to be a selfish cow (not that I ever am :D) and the one question I HATE hearing is... "What do you want for your birthday!?" GAH! I am a hard person to buy for, because if I find something I want... I buy it for myself, it's that simple. So I've decided to do a little wishlist, just to help everyone along... but considering people who will be buying me gifts (family and non-awesome "real life" friends) don't (and never will) read this blog... it's pretty much just gratuitous (oooooh! don't you just LOVE that word? Say it with me... gra-tu-i-tous)

  • Finish This Book by Keri Smith
  • Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg... the softcover version (so I don't break my face when I fall asleep while reading it.... There's a funny story about that! Have you seen the new biography on Steve Jobs? It's about 2 inches thick and hardcover... long story short... I fell asleep and woke up with a bloody nose!!!)
  • Minecraft cake... this might possibly happen!!
  • Tribble
  • Minecraft Sheet Magnets
  • Minecraft Foam Pickaxe
  • Someone who is more creative then me, to make me THIS! or THIS!
  • anything from thinkgeek.com
  • Don't Panic towel
  • AT-AT Walker Statue (not going to put any links here... just to confuse you all a little!)
  • There is so much more that for some reason I can't think of!!!! DAMMIT!
There are heaps of things I want, that I know I'll probably never get! Like a Ford Mustang, Trip to Mars, Eli Roth etc. but a girl can dream.... Maybe a trip to Mars in a Ford Mustang with Eli Roth.... *drools*


  1. The Minecraft dolls are adorable, no matter how creepy!

  2. Hmmmmmmm creeper toy aye... hmmmmm I also want nerd do well!!
    <3 also if i lived closer i would make you a minecraft cake (been wanting an excuse to make one haha)