18 December 2011


Listening... Elton John. My dad bought the CD so I put it on my computer. There are so many songs I knew, but didn’t realise where Elton John songs!
Reading... Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. Started this morning... almost finish :)
Watching... Nothing, even with 16 new tv channels there is still nothing worth watching on... except Star Trek on Thursday night... but I have work on Thursday nights :(
Playing... SKYRIM. I bought a HDMI cord to plug my Xbox into my new FULL HD television... and now Skyrim looks fucking AMAZING!
Buying... Christmas Presents. Almost finish, only a couple people left to buy for. Thank god for family Secret Santa, means I only have to buy one present for the extended family, not 15 :)
Wanting... ADSL. Dad rang Telstra and asked to be put on the list of people waiting for ADSL in Albany. Dad then ran into one of his mates who works for Telstra... who then pushed us up the list a little :D
Trying... not to let pissy customers upset me. Christmas is NO EXCUSE to be a Bastard/Bitch. I’m stressed about Christmas too... so freaking get over it.
Loving... the fact that my cat is asleep on my feet for some reason (he’s never done it before)
Planning... Sydney trip for Harry Potter exhibition next year. Had plans to go in February, but work wont give me time off, because the other Sound Bar Lady MAY need February off. :(
Writing... in my 2011 Diary. Still haven’t been able to write in my new 2012 Diary yet (even though I have things that I can put in it) it’s always scary putting the first mark in a new diary :)

I know I've been a bit AWOL over the last couple of weeks.... but you know, Christmas :)
Next year I'm going to have a weekly blog plan... or something :)

Tattoo Fail

I attempted to cross something off my Bucket List last Monday, but failed... well I didn’t failed, the most important person in the whole scheme... the TATTOO ARTIST!
Yes, that is right, I was going to get a tattoo last Monday, but my tattoo artist decided he wanted to injure himself... enough, that he’s not available until January 9th. *sadface*
I was quite upset to begin with, but after I got over it, I realised that I probably wasn’t completely ready to get a tattoo. I was having second thoughts about the design, I was having issues with money... so it worked out okay. I will still be getting a tattoo, I just don’t know when.

10 December 2011

On Monday I will crossing something rather considerable off my Bucket List.

04 December 2011

I Failed NaBloPoMo...

... but I'm not too worried about it. Coming up to Christmas things get a little bit crazy, and they're going to get worse before they get better.

What happened in the last couple of weeks?

20th November - It was my birthday, my 25th! I'm a quarter of a century old. I didn't do anything, and it was awesome. I spent most of the day playing Skyrim (which is freaking awesome) and just chilling out. Presents included; a $100 gift voucher from Dad, a Creeper plushies (made by my sister Kaitlin), a ukelele and money. My sisters also baked me the awesomeest Minecraft cake.
The week after my birthday was pretty normal. On Saturday, mum and I went to Perth (that was my birthday present from her) She went to the Casino on Saturday night and won $300, on Sunday we went to the Perth Zoo and Freo Markets, and on Monday we went shopping. Awesome Emma was suppose to come shopping on Monday, but she was sick :(
I went home with a pretty good haul of goodies (mostly from Typo)
Sorry about crappy photo! It was a good weekend! But I'm glad the week is over and now I have 3 days off before I'm back to work next week. YAY!

Stay Cool Dudes!