04 December 2011

I Failed NaBloPoMo...

... but I'm not too worried about it. Coming up to Christmas things get a little bit crazy, and they're going to get worse before they get better.

What happened in the last couple of weeks?

20th November - It was my birthday, my 25th! I'm a quarter of a century old. I didn't do anything, and it was awesome. I spent most of the day playing Skyrim (which is freaking awesome) and just chilling out. Presents included; a $100 gift voucher from Dad, a Creeper plushies (made by my sister Kaitlin), a ukelele and money. My sisters also baked me the awesomeest Minecraft cake.
The week after my birthday was pretty normal. On Saturday, mum and I went to Perth (that was my birthday present from her) She went to the Casino on Saturday night and won $300, on Sunday we went to the Perth Zoo and Freo Markets, and on Monday we went shopping. Awesome Emma was suppose to come shopping on Monday, but she was sick :(
I went home with a pretty good haul of goodies (mostly from Typo)
Sorry about crappy photo! It was a good weekend! But I'm glad the week is over and now I have 3 days off before I'm back to work next week. YAY!

Stay Cool Dudes!