31 January 2012

Accio Scabiors' Wand!

Believe it or not... well you will have to believe it once I've posted these photos, but Scabiors' Wand arrived in the mail today. It was shipped from England on 26th January and its here! How's that for amazing postage?! I ordered it on eBay through The Collector Zone store, and I will be ordering through them again!!

30 January 2012

Shameless Self Promotion!

I've thrown together a couple of badge designs (YAY for being inspired)
head over to Badgers In Top Hats and let me know what you think of these designs!
Also like us on Facebook if you haven't done so already!

People Who Won't Admit When They're Wrong ie Stupid People!

Emmy did a blog post about "People Who Hate The Things You Love. With Passion" and asked what our pet peeves are, and since I'm in a complaining sort of mood.... :P

Thoughts On: "People who won't admit when they're wrong." & "Stupid People"

Working in retail, you get a lot of these people. Especially in the Audio Visual Department. Customers who see the trailer for the theatrical release of a movie and then come in and demand that you sell it to them on DVD. You calmly explain to them that it was advertising the release in the cinema, they say "It said OUT NOW!" you re-explain, only in cinemas and tell them it won't be available on DVD for approximately 6 months, they get shitty and say "well I'll go somewhere else and buy it!" They walk away, and you die a little inside because of their stupidity.

I also hate People Who Hate The Things I Love. With Passion. What the fuck people!? I don't judge the fact that you love football, or Hip/Hop music. If you're my friend, I won't judge you, I'll even learn about some things you love so we can have something in common, BUT IF YOU GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT WHAT I LIKE.... SOD OFF!!

I admit, currently, I've been giving Darian a hard time. He hasn't seen Lord Of The Rings, or Star Wars, or Star Trek, but he doesn't judge me for liking them, and I don't judge him for liking Glee, Michael Jackson and Musicals (for real!)


Japanese WeHeartIt

I found the Japanese (or maybe Chinese, I'm sorry I can't tell) version of WeHeartIt.

It's full of cute anime pictures, animals and quirky fashion.
Once you figure out your way around (which is quite difficult if you can only read English) it's awesome. (The way I find my way around is hovering my mouse over a link and looking at the path (it's usually in English))

Like I said. CUTE!

I've also found a website that has the most awesome fonts :) and they're all FREE! I've pretty much downloaded them ALL!

I have been inspired to create badges again, I would love any ideas for badges, and hopefully once I've got some made I will start selling them.

25 January 2012

Magic Wands & Golden Tickets

You may, or may not, have noticed that I have a little thing for "bad guys"
I don't know what it is that drives "good girls" (like myself) to the "bad boys". I can honestly say that in real life, I would never ever be in a relationship with someone that would treat me like shit... but in my fantasies... well that's something different.
My current (and re-occuring) "bad boy" crush is Scabior from Harry Potter. He's dirty and sadistic and completely fictional... but I love him.
As you know, I'm off to Sydney in February (only 6 work shifts left, but a little over 2 weeks until I go) for the Harry Potter exhibition, and I was hoping that I would be able to purchase Scabiors' wand. But after speaking to a few people that have been, apparently the choice of wands is limited to Harry, Ron, Hermione & Dumbledore *sad face* so I went on eBay and I found Scabiors' wand... and well bought it :)
I already have Severus Snapes' wand, the packaging is different to Scabiors' but that doesn't matter. The next wand on my list is Sirius Blacks :) I'm hiding my Harry Potter exhibition ticket in Snapes wand box :)
Yay! I get a "Very Important Muggle" lanyard to keep (yay!), the exhibition book and the audio tour :) GAH! The closer it gets the more excited I become. My poor sister Alex (who can't afford to come) is starting to get annoyed when I talk about it, I know it's sad she can't come, but I have the right to be excited! FUCK YEAH!

23 January 2012

GeekCraft - Ludo

Ludo the friendly huge monster from 1986 movie Labyrinth. I LOVE LUDO! But don't have any Ludos' in my collection... So I went searching. I didn't find anything that I really really wanted but I did find these awesome Ludo GeekCraft :)

Felted Ludo by fairyspit (sadly it's not available anymore, if it was I would buy it!)
Hand-drawn Cushion by geekvintageuk
Ludo Plushie by peludossa (she also had some very cute Fireys')

More Important Things!

Listening to "O Holy Night" at the moment. There is nothing wrong with listening to Christmas Carols when it's not Christmas... "O Holy Night" is my FAVOURITE Christmas Carol. Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol?

What is everyone doing for Australia Day? Well what are my Australian readers doing? If you're not Australian you will just be doing what you normally do on a Thursday.

I'm having a movie day with my friend Jen. We are doing the most unpatriotic thing... staying INSIDE and watching movies made by Americans (and Brits)... but it's a good list of movies so far!!

It's not called a "Sexy Man Movie Marathon" for nothing... Can anyone recommend some other films featuring SEXY MEN!

I'm just being emo in my room. Dad's girlfriend and her son are over, I still feel very uncomfortable with them, plus I don't talk much, and there is no point me sitting there not talking, when I could be doing something more productive... like blogging and playing Minecraft!

22 January 2012

A Post About Me, Sydney & Minecraft!

Picspam... this one is a little bit different because I took all the photos.
I’ve been using an iPhone app called Hipstamatic, it’s not free. I purchased it for $5.99 and then you can purchase more “lenses” “film” and “flashes” in app for from 99c to $1.99.
It’s like Instagram but you have more choices in filter options. You can mix film and lenses to get different effects, and the most awesome option... Shake to randomise, which is heaps of fun :)

3 weeks until I go to Sydney. I’ve decided not to plan too much once I’m there and just go with it. When I plan everything down to the second I get stressed out, so I’ve decided to just chill and have fun. Im excited about going to Toronga Zoo and seeing animals I’ve never seen before, like the Kodiak Bear and Condor and Snow Leopard... So EXCITED!
I went through all the photos on my iPhone... all 1568 of them. Its amazing how much a complete stranger could probably learn about me by what photos where on my iPhone... and my obsessions over the last couple of years!
Melissa’s Epic Adventure of Awesomeness Checklist

  • Window Seat into Sydney
  • Train from Sydney Airport to Hotel (MUST REMEMBER NOT TO PACK TOO MUCH)
  • Harry Potter Exhibition
  • Purchase of AWESOME Harry Potter merchandise! (I want another wand... I have Snapes’ wand already, I really want Scabiors’ but I don’t think it will be available, so maybe Lucius Malfoy or Draco Malfoy :D)
  • Successfully journey through Sydney City Centre (by foot or Public Transport) to find the Ferry Wharf.
  • Get on the right Ferry to Toronga Zoo
  • See awesome animals! Take awesome photos. (I’m taking my sisters Canon EOS digital SLR Camera... it’s heavy as fuck, but takes awesome photos)
  • Take photos of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Find Bunn Street (it’s rather close to where I’m staying)
I am extremely nervous about going on my own, but with all the shit that’s going on with my family at the moment it will be good to get away from them... especially over Valentines Day...

I got a hold of the newest version of Minecraft (it was actually posted by Mojang) which features a new biome... JUNGLES! and it's epic! The trees are HUGE! It's going to be so much fun to build real tree houses that span between trees... also Vines that are attached to solid blocks are climbable :)

That's all for today. It's been so hot lately :( Stupid hot weather!

20 January 2012

How To Backup Your Blog to PDF

How to back up your blog to PDF... Photos and all.

  • Firstly export you blog to a .xml file and save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it. I did have a little trouble doing this with Safari, so I downloaded Firefox and it worked fine. To find the export option go to Settings on your blogger and simply click the Export Blog button.
  • Go to Blog Booker.
  • Follow the prompts. This is where you'll need that .xml file. Choose the options you want.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for it to process... and DADAH!
  • One 56.6MB (that's my blog) .pdf file. Right click on the link and click "Save Linked file as..." make sure it's saving as a .PDF and you should be done. It takes a very long time to download... but that it probably because I have slow internet.

I'm Still Here

  • I'm still here.
  • A little battered and bruised because of my ongoing war with our backdoor... it keeps closing as I walk through it.
  • In other, rather life changing news... my dad has a girlfriend... and I've kind of inherited a 16 year old brother. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing... but he's EXACTLY like my little sister Alex, only a boy. WEIRD!
  • In other news... I booked my flights and accommodation in Sydney and my Harry Potter ticket arrived today! So it's all happening. I haven't given my Adventure a name yet... maybe Melissa's Epic Adventure of Awesomeness... Do you know what's even more exciting... but scary? I'm going on my own!!
  • I've been playing lots of Minecraft... Survival... without cheating or any inventory mods... just Yogbox etc. It's heaps of fun without cheating... I actually found diamonds for the first time, without cheats and it was VERY EXCITING!
  • SOPA/PIPA scares the shit out of me! I have heaps of copyrighted images on my blog :( I don't want my blog deleted forever! :( I;m currently backing up my blog... It doesn't seem to save the photos just the photo links... so I'll probably lose all of them if something happens to Google :(
  • I've been rather uninspired... as usual :( I'm sure it will come back.

09 January 2012

What's In My Bag!

Bag: Messanger Satchel from Typo.
Geek Girls Unite by Leslie Simon from Dymocks.
Moleskine Limited Edition Pac-Man Weekly Notebook Planner.
Nintendo 3DS in Aqua with "Don't Panic" sticker.
Lime Green Leather Status Anxiety Wallet.
Notebook with information about movies... ie release dates etc. for work.
Car keys.
Yellow headphones.
Red Wayfarers.
Locker key.
iPhone Headphones of green headphone holder thingy :).
Badges by Badgers In Top Hats :).
Eye lash glue (was for sticking jewels to my face for a party).
Coins & Bee Charm.
iPhone 4.
Work name badge.
green USB Memory stick collection.

I just realised that I don't have any pens in my bag... hmmm might have to fix that :) Quite a colourful collection of items.


06 January 2012

When Fandoms Collide!

My favourite Sherlock (and cheekbones :D) , Benedict Cumberbatch, has been cast in the next Star Trek movie, due for release May 2013. This is not a rumour, it's true and comfirmed by JJ Abrams and Benedict himself. There is no official word of who Benedict will play, but the rumours are that he has been cast as the main villain.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I wonder if his character will be new to the Star Trek franchise or if he'll play a character from the original series. As much as I love The Wrath Of Khan, I really don't want Benedict to be cast as Khan. I can't see it. Benico Del Toro (who was previous cast as Khan but dropped out) would of been PERFECT as Khan, but Benedict needs to be an evil Vulcan or something :)

I'm so excited of the prospects of seeing Karl Urban and Benedict in the same film... and then photos of them at the premieres. Benedict is going to become very popular, very fast. :) His short role in War Horse was amazing, complete with Military uniform and moustache :) plus we all have his roles (yes, more than one) in The Hobbit, as Smaug (the dragon) and The Necromancer (ie Sauron).

Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Spielberg
Benedict as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson
You should of seen me this morning when I saw the news. WHEN FANDOMS COLLIDE! It was beyond epic. I raced into my sisters room (who loves Benedict more than me) and woke her up to tell her. I don't think she really got it, because when she got up and I was talking to her about it, it hit her. I pretty much told anyone that would listen :)

Now if only May 2013 would hurry up.

05 January 2012

Harry Potter Exhibition

So I'm going to the Harry Potter exhibition in February.
I was suppose to be going in a big group with my friends and family, but we can't get the same time off so my little sister Alex and I are going to go on our own. I would be quite content to go all the way to Sydney on my own, but Alex really wants to go, and I'm a nice sister.

I'm so excited.
I admit I was late to enter the Harry Potter craze, I started reading the first book the year that the first movie was out... I DID READ ALL THE BOOKS BEFORE SEEING THE MOVIES! I was first in line to purchase books 5-7 (book 5&6 early morning purchase resulted in pneumonia :D) but it was freaking worth it.
I have loved Severus Snape from the very beginning, he may also be the reason for my love of older men.

I love the fact that the films were filmed in the United Kingdom and with UK cast members, and apart from a few minor differences between the books and film, an amazing job was done.

It's hard to describe how Harry Potter has affected me. I think without it, I probably wouldn't have read as much, also my love of movies probably evolved from it. It was one of the first movies where I actually wanted to know which actors played which characters, and then what other films they were in. I didn't know who Alan Rickman was, or pretty much any of the actors that where in Harry Potter, until they were in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter rocks.

ps. I wish I was able to write down what I think of in my brain without it sounding like poop :(

03 January 2012

Life Update...

It's time for another "life update"...

Christmas - was spent at my aunt and uncles place with pretty much my whole family (minus a few we don't speak of) I got to spend the whole day playing with my cousin Logan and cuddling my new baby cousin (and godson) Seth. I received a Blu-Ray player, a cassette iPhone cover, and vouchers to Things Living, Dymocks and Coles Myer. It was fun, but a little bit sad, because a couple days before we received news that a family friend had died :(

New Years Eve - was spend at work, until 5pm and then to my friends 26th Birthday/Tim Burton NYE party. Everyone dressed up (including me... I went as Voodoo Girl) and had an awesome time. I don't drink, so it was pretty funny watching my friends get drunk :) We left the party at about 11pm and then went to mums' to watch the midnight fireworks.

1st January 2012 - If you follow me on Twitter you would of seen that January 1st was this blogs 4th Birthday, but when I came home from work (yes! I had to work New Years Day) I had the worst headache so I went to bed. 4 years is a really long time to have a blog :O It has gone by many names over the years, but has never really changed much. You should take a look at the archive and read some old posts!

My 2012 Bucket List is here... I've already watched 2 new movies this year (The Adventures Of Tintin and War Horse) and I'm planning the first blog competition, but other than that it's pretty much been minecraft and procrastination...

Reading... Geek Girls Unite

CRUSHING ON... Adrien Brody (again)

wasting my iPhones' battery with... 
Pocket Academy

Now that my work shifts are back to normal, I can plan more posts. I have a couple to do, but my Procrastination Fairy likes to send a lot of time hanging around.

what ‘geeky’ things do you like? :)

This was a question posted on She-Geeks Unite (a brand new Facebook group, created by awesome people) and it made me think... what 'geeky' things DO I like?!

Star Trek
Star Wars
Tim Burton
The Lord Of The Rings
Harry Potter
Keri Smith books
Neil Gaiman
The Sims
Doctor Who
Scott Pilgrim
Comic Books
Apple Products
Books about Geeks
The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy
The IT Crowd
The Big Bang Theory
Guillermo Del Toro
Going to the Cinema on my own
Tin Robots
Button Badges and;
many many many more!

Of course this list will go on and on, and I'm sure that some of the things in the list are probably not very 'geeky'...