31 January 2012

Accio Scabiors' Wand!

Believe it or not... well you will have to believe it once I've posted these photos, but Scabiors' Wand arrived in the mail today. It was shipped from England on 26th January and its here! How's that for amazing postage?! I ordered it on eBay through The Collector Zone store, and I will be ordering through them again!!

The box (bottom) is a lot longer and skinnier than the box that Snapes' wand came in (top)
Snapes' wand (left) came in an authentic Ollivander wand box.
Snapes' wand (left) is longer and has more detail on the handle (see photo below). Scabiors' wand (right) looks like it's been used in a far few battles.
Handle Detail. Snapes' wand (left) and Scabiors' wand (right) (sorry about my gross fingers)
Testing Scabiors' wand. Accio Cat! YAY It works.
I'm still amazed on how fast the postage was. That's what makes an excellent seller. Plus the price was pretty good. All up including postage it equaled to $AU58, and Powerhouse Museum (Harry Potter Exhibition) have them advertised for $AU60. Very Happy Harry Potter Geek!


  1. Accio all your stuff!! Dammit it didn't work! Haha why you have the cool things?
    Loving the wands sweet pea! Any idea's on whose you'd like to get next? I'd love both of these + dumbledores :D

    1. Sirius Blacks is next :) its so pretty, and then Dumbledore

  2. You are evil, EVIL! Just checking out that ebay page, I want a few! Lucius and Snape! My niece has Snapes wand, it's very pretty! I really like the look of some of the death eaters wands too! Guh!

    1. Snapes wand is awesome. I really like the details on Sirius Blacks wand. I hope they have some wands at the Harry Potter exhibition. I'm planning on going on Monday 13th February if you'd like to join me.