05 January 2012

Harry Potter Exhibition

So I'm going to the Harry Potter exhibition in February.
I was suppose to be going in a big group with my friends and family, but we can't get the same time off so my little sister Alex and I are going to go on our own. I would be quite content to go all the way to Sydney on my own, but Alex really wants to go, and I'm a nice sister.

I'm so excited.
I admit I was late to enter the Harry Potter craze, I started reading the first book the year that the first movie was out... I DID READ ALL THE BOOKS BEFORE SEEING THE MOVIES! I was first in line to purchase books 5-7 (book 5&6 early morning purchase resulted in pneumonia :D) but it was freaking worth it.
I have loved Severus Snape from the very beginning, he may also be the reason for my love of older men.

I love the fact that the films were filmed in the United Kingdom and with UK cast members, and apart from a few minor differences between the books and film, an amazing job was done.

It's hard to describe how Harry Potter has affected me. I think without it, I probably wouldn't have read as much, also my love of movies probably evolved from it. It was one of the first movies where I actually wanted to know which actors played which characters, and then what other films they were in. I didn't know who Alan Rickman was, or pretty much any of the actors that where in Harry Potter, until they were in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter rocks.

ps. I wish I was able to write down what I think of in my brain without it sounding like poop :(

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  1. Mmm Snape. I myself am more a Lucius Malfoy gal myself, but I think that's because I decided ages ago that Jason Isaacs will one day be my husband!

    I'm planning on going to the expo, but I haven't got tickets/ decided when to go yet. But I figured I'll find someone to drag along with me!