30 January 2012

Japanese WeHeartIt

I found the Japanese (or maybe Chinese, I'm sorry I can't tell) version of WeHeartIt.

It's full of cute anime pictures, animals and quirky fashion.
Once you figure out your way around (which is quite difficult if you can only read English) it's awesome. (The way I find my way around is hovering my mouse over a link and looking at the path (it's usually in English))

Like I said. CUTE!

I've also found a website that has the most awesome fonts :) and they're all FREE! I've pretty much downloaded them ALL!

I have been inspired to create badges again, I would love any ideas for badges, and hopefully once I've got some made I will start selling them.

1 comment:

  1. Anything geeky please. Perhaps make a series of inspiring/funny quotes (you can use some of these amazing free fonts you have found) even ones simply saying "Geek" "Nerd" etc.. :D the deathly hallows symbol, lightning bolts, uuhhhmm BATMAN!! cats! cupcakes! stuff!