03 January 2012

Life Update...

It's time for another "life update"...

Christmas - was spent at my aunt and uncles place with pretty much my whole family (minus a few we don't speak of) I got to spend the whole day playing with my cousin Logan and cuddling my new baby cousin (and godson) Seth. I received a Blu-Ray player, a cassette iPhone cover, and vouchers to Things Living, Dymocks and Coles Myer. It was fun, but a little bit sad, because a couple days before we received news that a family friend had died :(

New Years Eve - was spend at work, until 5pm and then to my friends 26th Birthday/Tim Burton NYE party. Everyone dressed up (including me... I went as Voodoo Girl) and had an awesome time. I don't drink, so it was pretty funny watching my friends get drunk :) We left the party at about 11pm and then went to mums' to watch the midnight fireworks.

1st January 2012 - If you follow me on Twitter you would of seen that January 1st was this blogs 4th Birthday, but when I came home from work (yes! I had to work New Years Day) I had the worst headache so I went to bed. 4 years is a really long time to have a blog :O It has gone by many names over the years, but has never really changed much. You should take a look at the archive and read some old posts!

My 2012 Bucket List is here... I've already watched 2 new movies this year (The Adventures Of Tintin and War Horse) and I'm planning the first blog competition, but other than that it's pretty much been minecraft and procrastination...

Reading... Geek Girls Unite

CRUSHING ON... Adrien Brody (again)

wasting my iPhones' battery with... 
Pocket Academy

Now that my work shifts are back to normal, I can plan more posts. I have a couple to do, but my Procrastination Fairy likes to send a lot of time hanging around.

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