25 January 2012

Magic Wands & Golden Tickets

You may, or may not, have noticed that I have a little thing for "bad guys"
I don't know what it is that drives "good girls" (like myself) to the "bad boys". I can honestly say that in real life, I would never ever be in a relationship with someone that would treat me like shit... but in my fantasies... well that's something different.
My current (and re-occuring) "bad boy" crush is Scabior from Harry Potter. He's dirty and sadistic and completely fictional... but I love him.
As you know, I'm off to Sydney in February (only 6 work shifts left, but a little over 2 weeks until I go) for the Harry Potter exhibition, and I was hoping that I would be able to purchase Scabiors' wand. But after speaking to a few people that have been, apparently the choice of wands is limited to Harry, Ron, Hermione & Dumbledore *sad face* so I went on eBay and I found Scabiors' wand... and well bought it :)
I already have Severus Snapes' wand, the packaging is different to Scabiors' but that doesn't matter. The next wand on my list is Sirius Blacks :) I'm hiding my Harry Potter exhibition ticket in Snapes wand box :)
Yay! I get a "Very Important Muggle" lanyard to keep (yay!), the exhibition book and the audio tour :) GAH! The closer it gets the more excited I become. My poor sister Alex (who can't afford to come) is starting to get annoyed when I talk about it, I know it's sad she can't come, but I have the right to be excited! FUCK YEAH!

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  1. Yay! So exciting! We NEED to meet up sometime! I still need to go to the exhibition too! Waa!