23 January 2012

More Important Things!

Listening to "O Holy Night" at the moment. There is nothing wrong with listening to Christmas Carols when it's not Christmas... "O Holy Night" is my FAVOURITE Christmas Carol. Do you have a favourite Christmas Carol?

What is everyone doing for Australia Day? Well what are my Australian readers doing? If you're not Australian you will just be doing what you normally do on a Thursday.

I'm having a movie day with my friend Jen. We are doing the most unpatriotic thing... staying INSIDE and watching movies made by Americans (and Brits)... but it's a good list of movies so far!!

It's not called a "Sexy Man Movie Marathon" for nothing... Can anyone recommend some other films featuring SEXY MEN!

I'm just being emo in my room. Dad's girlfriend and her son are over, I still feel very uncomfortable with them, plus I don't talk much, and there is no point me sitting there not talking, when I could be doing something more productive... like blogging and playing Minecraft!