30 January 2012

People Who Won't Admit When They're Wrong ie Stupid People!

Emmy did a blog post about "People Who Hate The Things You Love. With Passion" and asked what our pet peeves are, and since I'm in a complaining sort of mood.... :P

Thoughts On: "People who won't admit when they're wrong." & "Stupid People"

Working in retail, you get a lot of these people. Especially in the Audio Visual Department. Customers who see the trailer for the theatrical release of a movie and then come in and demand that you sell it to them on DVD. You calmly explain to them that it was advertising the release in the cinema, they say "It said OUT NOW!" you re-explain, only in cinemas and tell them it won't be available on DVD for approximately 6 months, they get shitty and say "well I'll go somewhere else and buy it!" They walk away, and you die a little inside because of their stupidity.

I also hate People Who Hate The Things I Love. With Passion. What the fuck people!? I don't judge the fact that you love football, or Hip/Hop music. If you're my friend, I won't judge you, I'll even learn about some things you love so we can have something in common, BUT IF YOU GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT WHAT I LIKE.... SOD OFF!!

I admit, currently, I've been giving Darian a hard time. He hasn't seen Lord Of The Rings, or Star Wars, or Star Trek, but he doesn't judge me for liking them, and I don't judge him for liking Glee, Michael Jackson and Musicals (for real!)


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  1. A bit of a playful jest between friends is fine the whole "Man, I can't believe you STILL haven't seen Star Wars yet!" is very different to "Man, I can't believe you haven't seen Star Wars - it's the best thing ever and you're pretty dumb if you haven't seen it!"

    Thanks for such an indepth reply to my question!! <3