22 January 2012

A Post About Me, Sydney & Minecraft!

Picspam... this one is a little bit different because I took all the photos.
I’ve been using an iPhone app called Hipstamatic, it’s not free. I purchased it for $5.99 and then you can purchase more “lenses” “film” and “flashes” in app for from 99c to $1.99.
It’s like Instagram but you have more choices in filter options. You can mix film and lenses to get different effects, and the most awesome option... Shake to randomise, which is heaps of fun :)

3 weeks until I go to Sydney. I’ve decided not to plan too much once I’m there and just go with it. When I plan everything down to the second I get stressed out, so I’ve decided to just chill and have fun. Im excited about going to Toronga Zoo and seeing animals I’ve never seen before, like the Kodiak Bear and Condor and Snow Leopard... So EXCITED!
I went through all the photos on my iPhone... all 1568 of them. Its amazing how much a complete stranger could probably learn about me by what photos where on my iPhone... and my obsessions over the last couple of years!
Melissa’s Epic Adventure of Awesomeness Checklist

  • Window Seat into Sydney
  • Train from Sydney Airport to Hotel (MUST REMEMBER NOT TO PACK TOO MUCH)
  • Harry Potter Exhibition
  • Purchase of AWESOME Harry Potter merchandise! (I want another wand... I have Snapes’ wand already, I really want Scabiors’ but I don’t think it will be available, so maybe Lucius Malfoy or Draco Malfoy :D)
  • Successfully journey through Sydney City Centre (by foot or Public Transport) to find the Ferry Wharf.
  • Get on the right Ferry to Toronga Zoo
  • See awesome animals! Take awesome photos. (I’m taking my sisters Canon EOS digital SLR Camera... it’s heavy as fuck, but takes awesome photos)
  • Take photos of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Find Bunn Street (it’s rather close to where I’m staying)
I am extremely nervous about going on my own, but with all the shit that’s going on with my family at the moment it will be good to get away from them... especially over Valentines Day...

I got a hold of the newest version of Minecraft (it was actually posted by Mojang) which features a new biome... JUNGLES! and it's epic! The trees are HUGE! It's going to be so much fun to build real tree houses that span between trees... also Vines that are attached to solid blocks are climbable :)

That's all for today. It's been so hot lately :( Stupid hot weather!


  1. I want oreos, icecreams and daquiris!! Also is the Jungle Biome an update or something you must download yourself? I'd love an awesome treehouse hehe.. Sydney and HP exhibit are going to be so awesome! I cant wait to see all your photos and read all about it soooo jealous!

    1. at the moment the Jungle biome needs to be downloaded, it's not an update, but i think it will be in the future. if you want you can download it here. http://mojang.com/2012/01/19/minecraft-snapshot-12w03a/ you need a fresh minecraft install and then you just replace the minecraft.jar with the new one :)

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