09 January 2012

What's In My Bag!

Bag: Messanger Satchel from Typo.
Geek Girls Unite by Leslie Simon from Dymocks.
Moleskine Limited Edition Pac-Man Weekly Notebook Planner.
Nintendo 3DS in Aqua with "Don't Panic" sticker.
Lime Green Leather Status Anxiety Wallet.
Notebook with information about movies... ie release dates etc. for work.
Car keys.
Yellow headphones.
Red Wayfarers.
Locker key.
iPhone Headphones of green headphone holder thingy :).
Badges by Badgers In Top Hats :).
Eye lash glue (was for sticking jewels to my face for a party).
Coins & Bee Charm.
iPhone 4.
Work name badge.
green USB Memory stick collection.

I just realised that I don't have any pens in my bag... hmmm might have to fix that :) Quite a colourful collection of items.


  1. Sims USB! I have that! :P I need to do a new WimB post soon!

  2. You always have the awesomest stuff! Love the litte headphone band, I bought a few coloured USB chords for my iphone so I'm wondering if the headphone holder thing would keep them from getting all tangled up haha

  3. Love this photo so bad! Hope you enjoyed the book!

    1. Thanks Leslie. Your books are amazing. It's like reading a book just about me :) it's awesome to know that there are people in the universe that are like me :) keep writing awesome stuff :)