06 January 2012

When Fandoms Collide!

My favourite Sherlock (and cheekbones :D) , Benedict Cumberbatch, has been cast in the next Star Trek movie, due for release May 2013. This is not a rumour, it's true and comfirmed by JJ Abrams and Benedict himself. There is no official word of who Benedict will play, but the rumours are that he has been cast as the main villain.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I wonder if his character will be new to the Star Trek franchise or if he'll play a character from the original series. As much as I love The Wrath Of Khan, I really don't want Benedict to be cast as Khan. I can't see it. Benico Del Toro (who was previous cast as Khan but dropped out) would of been PERFECT as Khan, but Benedict needs to be an evil Vulcan or something :)

I'm so excited of the prospects of seeing Karl Urban and Benedict in the same film... and then photos of them at the premieres. Benedict is going to become very popular, very fast. :) His short role in War Horse was amazing, complete with Military uniform and moustache :) plus we all have his roles (yes, more than one) in The Hobbit, as Smaug (the dragon) and The Necromancer (ie Sauron).

Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Spielberg
Benedict as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson
You should of seen me this morning when I saw the news. WHEN FANDOMS COLLIDE! It was beyond epic. I raced into my sisters room (who loves Benedict more than me) and woke her up to tell her. I don't think she really got it, because when she got up and I was talking to her about it, it hit her. I pretty much told anyone that would listen :)

Now if only May 2013 would hurry up.


  1. May 2013 cannot get here fast enough! Thank goodness I'll have the next round of Sherlock to keep my occupied later this year.

    1. The new Sherlock is awesome! I've seen the first episode so far and I'm looking forward to the rest :)