27 February 2012

This Made My Day!!!

One of my favourite kiwi (there's a few) Flight Of The Conchords' Bret McKenzie won an Academy Award! Best Original Song for "Man Or Muppet" for the new Muppets movie. There was only 2 nominees (the other being for a song that was in a movie featuring the voice of other "Conchord", Rio), it was the only award that had me on the edge of my seat! I was so freaking excited.

In other Oscars news. The Artist, took home all the main awards, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Picture. Jean Dujardin (who looks surprising like Flynn Rider from Disneys' Tangled) walked away with Best Actor (everyone knew he would) for a film that was Black & White and Silent.

I spent the whole ceremony trying to spot Benedict Cumberbatch in the crowd, but failed. I did however see him in the click for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and War Horse :)

It was a good ceremony, now I need to actually watch most of the winning films :)

26 February 2012

Fenrir Greybacks' Next Victim - Mini Fanfiction

Fenrir loved hunting in Londons Hyde Park. 
It was so easy to pick off muggles when they had their headphones in and where completely oblivious to their surroundings. whoever invented these “ipod” things, was a genius (even if he was most likely a muggle) 
She was sitting on a park bench sketching. She had red hair pinned up and was wearing glasses. The telltale white cord ran from her backpack and into her ears. 
Fenrir purposely rustled the leaves to see if he's get a reaction. Nothing. 
He crept out of his hiding spot, slowly walked up behind her, and in one swift movement, cover her mouth, wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her over the bench and into the bushes.

25 February 2012

Will You Be My Friend?

Pre-Ordered the Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Edition today.

Then I went online and discovered that one of the features (which you use to unlock rewards) is social... ie you need to have friends who play Sims 3 in order to get it to work. WHICH SUCKS! because I don't have any friends who play Sims 3, plus I don't have the internet capable of playing video games on it. GAH!
So I will see. Still really excited about this game :)

15 February 2012

I'm in Sydney, Bitch!

So I'm in Sydney. It's actually my last day and I've run out of things to do... And it's too early to head to the airport. I had such a great couple of days, and I promise, as soon as I'm back on the right side of Australia :P I'll do a super mega post about my adventure. I really love Sydney. I'm a little bit of a hypocrite because I never had any want to visit Sydney, but now that I have I don't want to leave. It's pretty much like Albany but has a bazillion more people in it. I can seriously consider moving hear one day. Perth stresses me out big time (I don't know why) and I loved Melbourne, but Sydney is so laid back and everyone is nicer :) I don't know what I'm going to do for the next couple of hours. My flight doesn't leave until 8pm but I'm going to head to the airport just after 4 to miss rush-hour so I still have 2 hours to spare. :)

06 February 2012

I Fail At Packing

I did a "mock pack" and failed epically.
need to think this through.
too many clothes.
I ended up with one pair of jeans and 6 tops... for 3 nights!
then when i finally managed to battle with the zipper and get it closed, I remembered that I hadn't packed my pyjamas! DOH!
Then I realised most of the clothes I had packed, are not very practical (all a bit fancy).
So I went searching through my wardrobe and found my "Spoiler" tee & "Geek" tee.

So I've decided... those two tees, my jeans (I only own one pair of jeans without holes) and one pair of shoes :) and my grey hoodie.
I leave for Perth on Friday. I don't know what I will do in Perth on Saturday (NOT GO SHOPPING).

Okay, off to re-pack and see how well I do this time :P

05 February 2012

No Work For Me!

I'm on holiday! 17 days where I don't have to go to work!!! I'm so excited.
Other than going to Sydney (only a week to go) I'm going to be proactive and make heaps of badges, and go through my stuff ready for the Mega Awesome Epic Garage Sale mum is having. I wanted her to call it the "Mega Awesome Epic Garage Sale" when she did ads for it, but she won't :( I will convince her, since it is to help raise money for Kids Central and kids like things that are Mega, Awesome & Epic :) We are also going to have a "Bake Sale" it's going to be AWESOME! If you're in Albany and want to stay up to date with Kids Central information like us on Facebook :)

ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO UNTIL I FLY TO SYDNEY! I have the most epic To Do/Packing List. Even though I plan not to take very much with me to Sydney, my packing list seems to be epic... may need to edit it a bit. :)

I'm having urges to get a tattoo again :) but being the stupid indecisive geek that I am... I don't know what I want. Deathly Hallow, Dark Mark, "Don't Panic", a Bumblebee, Scorpius Constellation? But I keep telling myself... "NO TATTOO UNTIL I WEIGH UNDER 100KG!"

I'm nervous about going to Sydney on my own. It's going to be uncomfortable sitting next to a random on the plane for 4 hours. My sister downloaded Homeland (mmmm... Damien Lewis) and New Girl (yay... Zooey Deschanel) so at least I'll have something to watch. I hope the person sitting next to me is not;

  • A very talkative person
  • A small child
  • A hot man... that would be awkward!
Need to find my epic huge hoodie and just hide from everyone :) The weather forecast for next Sunday is 24 with a chance of Showers... so I will probably need to take a jumper or something.