26 February 2012

Fenrir Greybacks' Next Victim - Mini Fanfiction

Fenrir loved hunting in Londons Hyde Park. 
It was so easy to pick off muggles when they had their headphones in and where completely oblivious to their surroundings. whoever invented these “ipod” things, was a genius (even if he was most likely a muggle) 
She was sitting on a park bench sketching. She had red hair pinned up and was wearing glasses. The telltale white cord ran from her backpack and into her ears. 
Fenrir purposely rustled the leaves to see if he's get a reaction. Nothing. 
He crept out of his hiding spot, slowly walked up behind her, and in one swift movement, cover her mouth, wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her over the bench and into the bushes.

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  1. I wish I could use magic to get all the stuff in your polyvore sets and wear thems :D Including the hair!! Haha <3 it babes :) what was the name of the other harry potter guy you were 'sessing over the other week? I was trying to google his smexy face and couldn't remember lol xx